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A Journey to Continuous Quality Improvement at W. E. Rawson Ltd

Posted by Emily Hill on Mon, Jan 30, 2017

W.E Rawson Ltd has been manufacturing and distributing Non-Woven Textiles from their site in Wakefield for 150 years.

After 6 months of working closely with Lee Clack, Quality Manager at W. E. Rawson Ltd, EQMS is already starting to generate considerable time and cost savings.  

In this article, we share Lee Clack's interesting journey to implementing EQMS. You can watch a shorter video testimonial here



Recognising a Requirement for an EQMS 

In the Wakefield branch, W. E. Rawson Ltd has approximately 250 employees across 3 sites.

There were three main challenges with managing quality: 

1) Escalating Issues 

Prior to EQMS, there was no easy way to record and track issues. Issues were not always escalated. This resulted in issues recurring as there hadn't been preventive action put in place. 

"We have three different businesses operating here. There were lots of issues which were never reported or documented, making it impossible to drive continuous improvement."

2) Ensuring Employees Were Trained 

Another challenge was that the manufacturing facility is in operation 24 hours a day. With lot of different production lines to manage, it is key that there is a member of staff on site who knows who is trained on what equipment. 

"training record files were missing and they had not be signed off"

3) Trend Analysis 

There was no quick way to see how the business was performing. W. E. Rawson Ltd did not have the trending or reporting tools required for continuous quality improvement. 


Recognising the requirement for a tool to drive continuous quality improvement, Lee Clack got the board and the other managers into the same room to scope the project.

During this meeting, Lee found that many of the other managers were having similar challenges, such as: 

  1. Lack of transparency
  2. Lengthy and frustrating process of chasing people for information
  3. Many issues managed reactively rather than proactively. 
  4. Repeat issues.

This was impacting efficiency and resource across the whole organisation. Following this meeting, Lee got the buy-in he needed from the leadership team for an enterprise quality management system. 

"We got everyone in the room because we wanted to make sure EQMS would work for everyone."

After thoroughly researching enterprise quality management systems, Lee invited Qualsys to present to his Board and General Managers what the solution could offer.   

"EQMS has been really beneficial to us, and the system's fantastic! I've worked with so many systems and I've not come across one that is so versatile and that's the beauty of it it - we've been able to configure it the way we wanted."

EQMS by Qualsys was the chosen solution because it is a versatile, integrated modular solution. Now, W. E. Rawson Ltd has a fully functional quality management system that ensures:

  • 14,000 documents are controlled in EQMS Document Manager to ensure the right information gets to the right person at the right time. 
  • 8,000 training records are now managed through EQMS Training Records Manager to ensure employee training is up to date. In addition, W. E. Rawson Ltd has another 20,000 plus training records, of which the system can handle with no impact on resource. 
  • 250 employees across the site can log an issue in EQMS Issue Manager at any time using a simple form. 



This year, Lee has ambitious plans for quality improvement at W. E. Rawson Ltd: 

  • Transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 
  • BREEAM Accreditation 
  • Focus on waste reduction and environmental awareness. 
  • Continuous Improvement Projects across the site. 


"The feedback we have got is that everyone is really quite excited about the system"

What you should do now 

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