by Emily Hill

Could you tweet your quality strategy?

We've talked a lot recently about engaging employees with quality and the quality management system, so we're always looking for innovative ways to get the message out there. 

John Oakland, founder of the Oakland Institute and author of several books on quality management, urges quality professionals to apply their quality knowledge to drive the strategy. During the Qualsys User Group, John said: "We [quality professionals] don't come to this game with a very good reputation. So you need to start thinking, 'If I did get the 60 seconds in the lift with my top management team, what would I say?'

"Quality professionals can help organisations as a statistician, if you apply your thinking, your tools and techniques in the right way and in the right areas. If you start talking about distribution, it's going to be a big turn-off. And that's a challenge we all face in this space of quality, helping as professionals in the area.

Time-poor teams 

In the same vein, Richard Chambers, Global CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors, recently asked his Twitter followers whether internal auditors could condense their audit findings to a single tweet:

 He received a mixed response. Some followers agreed responses should be succinct, others believed there's more value provided in the detail. 

Gemma Baldan, Key Account Manager at Qualsys Ltd, says many quality teams can communicate short 'tweet-like' broadcasts using EQMS

"It's important that we don't throw the book at teams," Gemma says. "It's much easier to get the message across if it's short and succinct. 

"We've increasingly found that EQMS administrators are making the most of the broadcasts feature. These broadcasts are, by default, less than 100 characters and can be shared instantly with all employees. Our customers use the broadcasts to report issues and findings but also to shout about their successes. By keeping it short, those who want to read more can investigate further." 

What about you? Could you get your audit findings, quality plans or quality strategy under 140 characters? Comment below or tweet @QualsysEQMS. 


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