by Annie Grace

FTSEGood Index member, Elementis, Opts for EQMS

Elementis Plc, a leading speciality chemical company, is the latest to join the growing number of organisations using EQMS by Qualsys across the world.




A complex business infrastructure, Elementis has three businesses: Specialty Products, Chromium, and Surfactants. Within each business there are multiple locations and large teams of people spread across a wide geographic area. They sought software which would smooth business processes, speed up administrative tasks, and improve staff training management across the company.

Elementis employs more than 1380 staff in total, and operates in 35 international locations, including 13 manufacturing hubs. As a FTSEGood Index member, Elementis must adhere to strict standards, including ISO 14001 certification across several sites.

The framework that EQMS Document Manager provides for Elementis allows the company to accurately manage, store, access, and change documents, while keeping hold of version control and visibility depending on individual user permissions. Version control is essential on technical and policy documents, where the slightest change to a workflow or client instruction could have a major impact. Keeping control of the latest version enables Elementis to always follow the latest instruction or process with confidence.


The highly skilled Elementis workforce must operate to continued regulatory standards and evidence can be provided of this for any audit within minutes. The implementation of EQMS Training Records Manager will enable quality managers and trainers to access, plan, schedule, and report on training across the full workforce. A clear overview enables instant analysis of possible gaps in knowledge so that training can be planned as a priority.

Both EQMS Document Manager and EQMS Training Records Manager integrate with another module, EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager. This is an essential tool for Elementis, who work with multiple suppliers, manage a wide range of products and processes, and must adhere to rigorous industry standards for safe operation. EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager enables a quick overview or ‘drill down’ reports whenever required: Elementis are now audit ready 24/7, significantly reducing the administration raised by an audit and speeding up issue management with automated workflows.



“We’re really excited to work with Elementis,” said Michael Ord, New Business Director at Qualsys. “The modules they’ve selected will help them to keep track of all documentation, remain on top of all training requirements, and be fully audit-ready at any point. The significant time savings made by implementing EQMS means the QHSE team at Elementis will be able to focus on doing more important tasks and take a proactive approach to quality management without the shackles of huge amounts of administration.”





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