Quality professionals: Sign up for free events to share, learn & network

Posted by Marc Gardner on Thu, Jun 29, 2017

A lot of quality professionals tell us that they sometimes feel they're ploughing a lonely furrow, and it's networking events and meetings that give them the inspiration they need to drive their projects forward.

In response to this, Qualsys Ltd, Kingsford Consultancy Services and Blackmores have set up a Meetup community you can join for free to share, learn and network. 

What are the events? Will you benefit? And how can you get involved? Read on below!

Free events for GRC professionals in Yorkshire

What are Meetups? 

We've created the Meetup community as a way of making life easier for you, the quality professional. By providing a forum for people in governance, risk and compliance roles to come together and simply talk, we hope we can give you positive, useful ideas to take back to your organisations to put into practice.

Whether it's methods for improving health and safety, tactics for getting senior management to buy in to quality management, or suggestions for how best to comply with certain ISO standards and regulations, we want you to get as much as you can from our Meetups. 

How can I get involved? 

There are lots of ways: 

Do I have to be an EQMS customer to attend?

Not at all. We welcome quality professionals from all sectors and industries and want to involve as many people as we can. 

Discussion forum

Where will the events be held?

They'll initially be based near the sponsor's locations – South Yorkshire, the West Country and Hertfordshire. However, if you'd like to host an event at your office, email hello@qualsys.co.uk for more information. 

Can my company become a sponsor? 

Absolutely. Just email hello@qualsys.co.uk and we'll tell you how. 

How can I join the community?

Sign up here! 

Meetup page


Join the Meetup for free here!


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Raise A Glass for World Quality Day 2015

Posted by Emily Hill on Tue, Nov 03, 2015

At 4pm on Thursday 12th November, raise a glass of Qualsys' very own pale ale to appreciate, share and discuss the important contribution quality makes to your business. 

Find out more about World Quality Day 2015 and how you can request your free pack of Qualsys' very own pale ales here.  World Quality Day 2015


What is World Quality Day? 

Quality management practices contribute more than £90 billion to GDP every year - accounting for 6.0% of the UK GDP. Not only do quality management programmes reduce waste, they save companies millions, promote innovation and are the linchpin of an organisations sustainability. 

In a global economy where success depends on quality, innovation and sustainability, World Quality Day is a chance to reinforce these as the foundations of your organisation and focus on the importance of quality. 

World Quality Day was established with the purpose of promoting awareness of quality around the world and to encourage individuals' and organisations' growth and prosperity.

This year, the CQI's the theme for World Quality Day is "Sweet Dreams".

Entice and engage your fellow employees in the importance of quality by delving into the world of chocolate by downloading the CQI's Chocolate challenge. There are a number of interactive and engaging exercises which focus on chocolate you can download on the CQI website.

Download your CQI Chocolate Challenge Here. 


Why the 4pm Pint? world-quality-day

Every week, the Qualsys team get together in a quality circle to discuss, share and learn about other areas of the business. It gives the team time to reflect and ideas are often born. 

Qualsys is delighted that we will once again be offering free packs of ales to those who wish to join our tradition of the 4pm Pint on the World Quality Day.

Get involved by requesting your very own pack of three ales. Then take a photo of you and your team enjoying your 4pm pint. 

Either upload the photo to twitter using the hashtag #4pmpint or email it to Qualsys so that we can promote the important contribution quality makes to businesses across the globe. 




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Join us at the Quality Context Training Conference in Sheffield

Posted by Emily Hill on Thu, Sep 24, 2015

Join us on the 20th October at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield for the first ever annual Quality Context training conference.

Organised by Quality Context, a key Qualsys partner, the conference will bring together thought-leaders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to discuss the future of GMP, GDP, GCP and GPvP.

Here are a few of industry experts who will be speaking at the event:


Alexis Krachai, Director of Counter Context, advises some of the world’s largest healthcare companies on strategic positioning, stakeholder consultation and staff engagement. Alex will give a presentation on Communicating the Importance of Quality.


Victoria Cavendish, Director of Orca Solutions Ltd, has over 14 years’ experience across academia, health service, Clinical Research Organisations (CRO’s), and the private medical device sector. Victoria will be delving into the details on Delivering Quality in the Medical Device Industry.


Derek Woodcock, Associate of Quality Context, is a PV expert, with over 30 years’ regulatory and pharmacovigilance experience in R&D and commercial environments. Derek will give a presenting Developments in ADR Reporting: A Limitation or an Opportunity for GVP Audits.


Peter Miles, Consultant and Facilitator at Catalyze, uses software models to help groups with collective sense-making. Peter will be providing us insight into Collaborative Decision-Making: Managing Complexity, Uncertainty & Diverse Perspectives.


Ian Birch, Director of BECO Integrated Services Ltd, has a wealth of experience in commercial and clinical roles with technical, quality and auditing experience. Ian will be presenting Mergers, Acquisitons and Sales: The Impact On The Pharmaceutical Quality System.


Iain Moore, Global Head of Quality Assurance at Croda International Plc, has helped define and implement GMPs for cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. Ian will discuss Why the Guidelines for Ascertaining GMP for Excipients Are The Best Thing Since ICH Q7.


All proceeds for the event will be donated to Children’s Hospital Charity. The event starts at 9am and ends at 6pm. 

To sign up, email enquiries@qualitycontext.com, we look forward to seeing you there.


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AIIM Forum 2015 – What quality professionals can learn from keynote speakers

Posted by Alastair Atcheson on Tue, Jun 30, 2015

Qualsys recently attended the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) Forum in London, a one-day conference of presentations and seminars from industry thought-leaders and international organisations.

AIIM Forum Logo

Eager to take advantage of their recent Trade Membership, Qualsys team members Alastair Atcheson and Mike Bendall travelled down from Sheffield to gain insight into the latest developments and research from the ‘Global Community of Information Professionals’.

The focus of this year’s Forum was on the transition from the ‘ECM Era’ to a new era dominated by Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Collaborative (MACC) technologies. As organisations grow and evolve alongside developments in technology, so do industry best practices and business strategies. Accordingly, speakers and sponsors of the 2015 AIIM Forum engaged with significant emerging trends and topics that will affect organisations across a range of industries.

Over 600 delegates and sponsors came together from organisations as diverse as BAE Systems, Fujitsu, IBM, Kodak Alaris, PHS Group and Xerox for one of the UK’s most comprehensive Enterprise Content Management events.

With 20 sessions comprised of keynotes, case studies, and roundtable discussions, the Forum enabled delegates to tailor their schedules and focus on their own personal goals.

We have summarised the keynote speeches below.

Making Sense of the Information Chaos

John Mancini GRC SoftwareAIIM President John Mancini opened the Forum by tackling the focus of this year’s event: how the combined impact of consumerism, cloud / mobile and the Internet of Things is ushering in a new era of information management.

John asserts that what EMC (Enterprise Content Management) means in the information industry has radically changed, and that successful ECM implementation is less about technology and “more about the convergence of people and processes with technological tools”.

This change is driven by:

  • New approaches to privacy and security
  • Bottom up innovation supplanting top down control
  • Increased government regulation of the cloud
  • Ubiquitous broadband connectivity
  • Growth of virtual and distributed work
  • OPEX vs CAPEX procurement model
  • Shortage of IT ‘connective’ and analytic skills

'The reality is that many organisations feel as if they are simply drowning in content and how they address this issue is one of the greatest challenges they will face.’

John’s advice to organisations facing this challenge is to first understand the challenge before coming to grips with it. By staying up-to-date with the latest key industry research and developments, organisations can advantageously position themselves at the head of the curve.

AIIM Forum 2015

The Future of Content is Cognitive

Toby Bell IBMThe lunchtime keynote was delivered by Toby Bell, who leads ECM Marketing & Strategy at IBM and has over 25 years of leadership experience in technology strategy, analysis, development, and delivery.

Toby’s keynote tackled the transition to a new era of information technology and opened with an axiom that many organisations acknowledge but are perhaps reluctant to address.

‘If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.’

So how do you remain relevant? Organisations should focus on producing ‘smarter content’ – that is, understanding how people consume content and developing your content strategy accordingly. Toby gave three imperatives for an effective ECM strategy:

  • Stay competitive through productivity and cost savings
  • Protect organisation through security and compliance
  • Increase growth through customer centricity

Together, these imperatives effectively state that ‘Business content is essential to enabling productivity and customer centricity – yet it must be protected’.

Toby bell Presentation

'If you can't comply you can't compete.'

ECM is ultimately a set of critical capabilities that idealises interfaces between people and content. It must be compelling, easy to use, and the content must be easily accessible. An essential step towards better ECM is to clean-up Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) content – Toby’s motto is ‘Kill them all!’

Finally, Toby turned towards IBM’s Watson, an artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. In developing Watson, IBM recognised that people today want to self-serve when it comes to gaining information, preferring to research and make decisions on their own. Watson’s central purpose is to deliver the best and most valuable information to people to enable them to achieve this.

ECM Decisions: Mapping Out Your Forward Path

Doug Miles GRC SoftwareDoug Miles is the head of the AIIM Market Intelligence Division and ‘The Doctor’ of information management, due to his expert insight, ability to diagnose problems currently facing the industry, and a striking resemblance to Peter Capaldi.

Doug opened by describing himself as a ‘pragmatist, not a futurist.’ Although his presentation assessed upcoming challenges that information professionals will face, it was based on current research and filled with practical advice.

The keynote revolved around the different ‘-ations’ affecting the industry and contained some interesting statistics:

  • Process optimisation – Organisations should strive to digitise content and get rid of paper, yet 35% of organisations have yet to adopt a paper-free process

  • Collaboration – 84% of businesses say that IT support is important, but 19% say that internal IT support is poor

  • Consumerisation – Employees are increasingly using consumer based cloud sharing software because only 23% of organisations provide an alternative

  • Precipitation (Cloud) – 54% of companies are concerned about the exposure of confidential / private data, and 46% are unsure about the legal requirements for data privacy and location

  • Mobilisation – Access to ECM content is important for 62% of organisations

Doug Miles Presentation

Doug went on to discuss the current perception of information governance and the biggest risks surrounding IG. The biggest concerns include excess litigations costs, loss of valuable information and loss of customer confidence and bad publicity. For some companies this hit close to home; 14% have had a data breach in the past three years.

Fortunately, The Doctor had six practical recommendations for organisations grappling with these challenges.

  1. Kick paper out of the business – but it’s more about paper-free processes than the paperless office! Check out digital mailrooms.

  2. Assess IT support for external collaboration. Look at your current ECM system support for mobile access and hybrid cloud: how seamless?

  3. Take a stance on unauthorised usage of consumer file-share & sync. Don’t try to stop it without providing a commercial grade alternative.

  4. Move beyond records management to an Information Governance model. Use it to get rid of ROT. Safeguard sensitive content pre-GDPR.

  5. If your ECM / Sharepoint deployment is stalled, re-boot it: enable records and search, add some capture & BPM, and portal other content stores.

  6. Check out automated classification, content correction and content analytics – look to the future exploitation of your content. 

Doug Miles The Doctor

What can the AIIM Forum teach Quality professionals?

While the AIIM Forum was aimed at information professionals from a wide range of industries, Quality professionals can take away some invaluable points to help improve their QMS and develop a culture of quality at their organisation:

  • Embrace change – The way employees work evolves alongside developments in technology. Mitigate risks raised by employees using consumer based applications such as Dropbox by providing alternatives that are easy to use and underpin compliance, such as EQMS.

  • Make content compelling, relevant and easy to access – Ensure that employees are only accessing relevant, up-to-date documentation that is easy to find and edit. EQMS Document Manager automates the management of document lifecycles, keeps track of versions and utilises a user-friendly search function to ensure that your organisation has absolute control over its content.

  • Embrace risk based thinking – Understand risks and challenges and endeavour to see the opportunities in them. EQMS Risk Manager saves time and money by allowing you to manage all types of risk in a single solution, opening up resources for you to enhance your risk strategy.

  • Use data and analytics – Ensure that your business strategy is based on the latest analytics that your organisation pulls in. EQMS Dashboard allows you to display Key Performance Indicators and provides instant access to real-time management information.

ISO 9001 Software

Picture credits.

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ISO 9001:2015 – The CQI's Richard Green on 'Risk and Opportunities'

Posted by Alastair Atcheson on Thu, May 28, 2015

Risk is a concept that many people naturally assume is something bad; ‘That’s a bit risky, are you sure you want to risk that?’ However, the upcoming changes to ISO 9001 will require businesses to move away from this perception and instead view risk as ‘risk and opportunity’.

As part of his presentation on clarifying the jargon of ISO 9001:2015 (see the full webinar here), The Chartered Quality Institute’s Head of Technical Services, Richard Green, discusses the definitions of risk and how organisations should approach the increased focus of risk in ISO 9001:2015.


Why Watch?

In this segment, Richard defines risk as ‘the effect of uncertainty’ that can be ‘positive or negative’. A hot area of debate, a universal definition of risk is something that still needs to be resolved.
Annex SL does not prescribe a risk management methodology, but it does require companies to:

  • determine their risks and opportunities
  • plan and take actions to address them

While many companies will already approach risk similarly, Richard argues that the bulk of the work to come is due to organisations general focus on risk, rather than both risk and opportunity. However, you have the freedom to do this in any way that works for you, as long as you determine and plan.



See the Full Webinar!

Receive one hour’s worth of IRCA CPD points by watching the full 25 minute presentation here and completing a summary questionnaire on the topics covered. Correct submissions will be sent a PDF certificate confirming CPD points from IRCA. Richard’s presentation covers the essential changes to ISO 9001:2015 and was recorded at the annual EQMS User Group in April 2015.


ISO 9001 Changes IRCA Webinar


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CQI CONFERENCE 2015: Key Points Taken from the Presentations

Posted by Ben Saxton on Mon, May 18, 2015

Qualsys was pleased to sponsor the Chartered Quality Institute 2015 Conference as part of its ongoing partnership with IRCA / CQI (see EQMS User Group).


250 Quality professionals attended the CQI Conference held in April at the King's Fund in central London. Representatives from organisations as diverse as ABB Group, BAE Systems, Caterpillar, Proctor & Gamble and Network Rail travelled from around the world to share cutting-edge insight and key trends in Quality, supply chain management, KPI reporting and audit management.

We have summarised some of the key sessions below.


Forecasting the Future: Data-driven Decision Making

james-woudhuysenOpening the CQI Conference with his key-note, ‘Forecasting the Future: Data Driven Decision-making’, leading ‘innovation forecaster’ James Woudhuysen spoke illuminatingly about the three critical types of data that are essential for business strategy – and the challenges that most organisations face when seeking and using that data. His talk was well received by the audience, with many rueful nodding heads as he talked through examples of bad decisions made using incomplete data and the perils of presenting data to meet a pre-set agenda. 

“Don't be transfixed by big data. Concentrate on the algebra rather than the arithmetic.”

James made some valuable points regarding real-time reporting and the importance of tracking feedback data in the customer and supplier lifecycle to map satisfaction and ensure positive reputation.

If financial data is a view of the past and present, then customer feedback metrics are a vision into the future – an often critical blind-spot on the reporting scorecards used by Senior Management.

The Feedback Imperative: Why the Voice of the Customer is Crucial

Michel_BerthusMichel Berthus, Global Head of Quality Management for ABB Group, delivered an engaging presentation on how a large and diverse organisation like ABB accomplish measuring customer metrics. The transparency of the presentation was welcomed by an audience who appeared to relate to the topic being discussed.

Michel presented how customer based metrics affected key decisions at ABB. By collecting data and feeding the results back into the business, it was able to improve products and processes and as a result increase brand loyalty.

ABB operates its Customer Loyalty Improvement Process along with assessing client satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a metric widely used by thousands of organisations (including ourselves) across the globe interested in their customer relationships. Michel explained how these metrics are then used within the decision-making process in ABB to help shape future decisions and behaviour. The NPS within ABB has increased since they started recording the score, a positive indication that the system is working.

ISO Standards in the Future: Spare me the Jargon 

“The introduction of Annex SL based standards is the most important management system event since the introduction of ISO 9001 itself.”

Richard_GreenRichard Green, Head of Technical Services at CQI, highlighted how the harmonisation of the structure of various standards (14001, 9001, 31000, 18001 etc.) and the renewed emphasis on risk, process management and senior management ownership of the ‘culture of quality’ will create challenges and opportunities for dynamic organisations. 

For example, we can expect to see a rise in ‘multi-standards’ as managing three or more ISO standards will be easier. Also, there are (software) tools where, for example, one audit can be used to meet the requirements of many standards. The role of the auditor will become even more important, becoming the "eyes and ears of senior management" and requiring new business language communication and multi-disciplinary assessment skills. Time and resource efficiency has never been more important. Customers and suppliers need to be prepared for this new ‘norm’ as expectations on reporting and risk management change.

Richard kindly delivered a version of this presentation at the EQMS User Group 2015. You can watch the full video here, and even collect an IRCA CPD points for watching the video and completing a short multiple choice questionnaire.



Watch Richard Green's ISO 9001:2015 Webinar Now

In his talk on the CQI Competency Framework, David Armstrong, Head of Profession at the CQI expanded on Richard’s view regarding the changing role of Senior Management as a result of Annex SL. A previous version of David’s talk on the CQIs Competency Framework is covered here by Callum Hornigold of Qualsys.

Accelerated Change: Innovation and Improvement in Formula 1


Mark Gallagher
 former Head of Marketing on the management board of Jordan Grand Prix, Head of Commercial Affairs for Red Bull Racing and Business Unit Leader for Cosworth F1, delivered an insightful and amusing talk that tied together many aspects raised in earlier presentations during the day and closing the conference.

He explained how critical it is for a Formula One team to harness data to ensure quality performance. The rows of computer screens you see on TV when they show you teams in the pit lane are all displaying metrics that go into making instantaneous decisions on race strategy as well as helping form longer-term decisions on car design projects. The rows of screens shown on TV are only the tip of the iceberg though as all teams will then have dozens of engineers back at base also analysing the data. Within the successful teams there is a culture of people relishing the challenge to improve by learning from the current performance. The majority of the team’s bases are within a 50 mile radius in Oxfordshire. Mark commented:

“It is the quality of the people and the quality of the supply chain which is why the UK is the hub for F1 teams' engineering.”

Mark then also spoke with emotion about how safety in F1 became top priority on the back of Ayrton Senna’s death in 1994. The loss of the sport's leading figure placed the spotlight on senior management pressuring them to embed a strict culture of quality and compliance. Mark was a personal friend of Roland Ratzenberger who died the day before Senna but it was the global reaction to Senna’s death that made the sport’s leaders take action. Although there have been serious accidents since, there have been no deaths in the sport for the last 21 years.

Mark closed his presentation and the conference with an amusing look at all the components and ‘what if’ thinking that has gone into taking a Formula 1 pitstop to a sub 2 second action. Teams are now asking themselves, 'What can we do to go even quicker without jeopardising safety?'

Mark’s experience of an industry where quality data drives decisions that lead to fractional performance advantages was well understood by the audience, with many relating to how an F1 approach could deliver benefits for their own organisation.


We’d like to thank the team at CQI for such a well-organised event. It was a pleasure to speak to new and existing customers to learn from their experiences and to see old colleagues again.

Simon Wells, Training Manager at Qualsys said:

“We are in a privileged position at Qualsys supporting Quality professionals in various sectors around the world. The CQI Conference was really valuable as it validated the feedback and on-the-ground experience we see every day with our existing customers. 

"The speaking programme provided great insight and challenging opinion and the breakout sessions highlighted the importance of KPI Dashboards, process auditing (and the time to communicate / close out CAPA) and managing multi-standards. 

"Qualsys are committed to CPD and ensuring EQMS exceeds the current and future needs of the profession. This event was a great example of our investment in continuous improvement”


What Next?

Why not download one of our useful ISO 9001:2015 resources to help you further understand upcoming changes to the standard.





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Qualsys User Group 2015 - Hosted at the CQI and IRCA Headquarters

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

EQMS users from across the world came together for Qualsys’ 2015 EQMS User Group to discuss the current state of the Quality industry, upcoming EQMS functionality and the future of the Quality professional.

Hosted at the CQI and IRCA headquarters in London, representatives from EQMS customers such as BT, Diageo and Sodexo engaged in a comprehensive agenda with presentations from the Qualsys team. The event also boasted a range of thought leaders and guest speakers, including:

  • Richard Green, Head of Technical Services for the CQI, covering major developments towards ISO 9001:2015.
  • Aaron Schmick, Quality Systems Manager at MonoSol LLC, on implementing a multi-location EQMS.
  • Mark Davy, Quality Manager at Specialist Laboratory Medicine and Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

"The EQMS User Group 2015 provided a forum for EQMS users to gain essential insight into product developments and deliver valuable feedback regarding their experience as a Qualsys customer," said Rob Needham, Qualsys IT Director. "It was great to see a lot of satisfied customers, hear exciting suggestions for future developments and share the stage with some of the greatest opinion leaders within the Quality industry. We are now currently using the feedback to project our software and services forward for the future." 




The State of the Quality Industry

The day began with introductions from CQI and IRCA, before Qualsys’ Business Development Manager, Ben Saxton, took the stage to provide an overview of last year’s successful performance for Qualsys, reflecting on the growing team, evolving technology and expanding user base.

Qualsys’ Business Development Manager, Michael Ord, then analysed the results of Qualsys’ Global Quality Survey which revealed exciting, controversial and thought-provoking statistics about the state of the Quality industry.


EQMS Version 6.5 and Implementing a Multi-location EQMS

After delegates discussed the increasing importance of software and technology in their role, Qualsys’ Technical Director, Rob Needham, demonstrated EQMS Version 6.5 and revealed the product roadmap for the next 12 months. EQMS is shaped and improved based on the feedback from its users, and the User Group demonstration brought exciting developments as well as new suggestions.

Following a break, guest speaker Aaron Schmick, the Quality Systems Manager at MonoSol LLC, presented on the lessons learned from implementing a multi-location EQMS. Expressing MonoSol’s focus on quality, Aaron described the process and importance of selecting the optimum electronic quality management system for a world-leading manufacturing company. Having travelled over from Chicago for the User Group, Aaron’s hands-on experience and practical advice were well received by the audience.

Nearly as well-received were the lunchtime sandwiches. At lunch, attendees had an informal chance to meet and network with each other and the Qualsys team and share thoughts on the future of the Quality industry. Following lunch were the breakout group sessions, where delegates divided into smaller groups and discussed ideas and suggestions raised by the morning sessions. 

ISO 9001:2015, Annex SL and ISO 15189

Guest speaker Mark Davy, the Quality Manager at Specialist Laboratory Medicine and Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, presented on the challenges associated with ISO 15189 when managing quality at one of the country’s leading medical facilities. Always candid and humorous, Mark’s talk resonated with delegates from across the spectrum of industries.

CQI and IRCA’s Head of Technical Services, Richard Green, then cut to the core of the upcoming ISO 9001:2015 changes and the impact they will have on quality professionals. Dissecting the jargon, Richard explained the importance of Annex SL and challenged the audience by redefining the role of leadership, context and risk in quality management. 


Auditing with the iPad and Future Technology

The Qualsys team then presented on the iEQMS Audit Manager mobile application, developed in response to the increasing significance of versatile mobile technology. With a live demonstration on an iPad, Simon Wells and Ben Saxton conveyed the powerful potential that the app delivers.

To round off the day, Qualsys’ Managing Director, Mike Pound, reflected on the company’s 20th anniversary and looked ahead to 2016 and the future of quality management.

"Thank you for everybody who made the day and thank you to our EQMS customers," said Mike Pound. "We've been doing this for 20 years but we wouldn't have done it for five minutes without them. The future holds many developments, all shaped by our customers needs so we can continue to deliver operational excellence."

As delegates made their way out to the post-event drinks reception, they left with more than just expert insight. CPD certificates were awarded to each attendee, and complimentary goody bags and quality Qualsys mugs were handed out to much smiles all round.

See All the Video Footage of the Event Now!




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Qualsys to Sponsor the CQI Conference 2015

Posted by Alastair Atcheson on Wed, Mar 25, 2015

Qualsys is excited to announce it will join The Chartered Quality Institute as an exhibitor and sponsor of the CQI Conference on 15 April at The King’s Fund in London.

With discounted rates for CQI and IRCA members, the event will give delegates and exhibitors the ideal opportunity to explore new developments in the Quality industry, access new products and network with key industry figures.

Last year’s conference saw record attendance and a hugely positive response. Attendees represented every corner of the Quality landscape, with Auditors, Consultants, Quality Managers and more all benefiting from the conference’s focus on innovative practices in leadership and Quality. In fact, 97% of delegates felt that they had learned practical points from the presentations that they could implement within their role.

CQI Conference 2015

This year’s event will build on the previous success of last year, delivering a comprehensive agenda that comprises of in-depth presentations and dynamic breakout sessions. With a choice of sessions available, the CQI Conference 2015 provides attendees with the opportunity to tailor their schedule and focus on their own personal goals.


The 2015 event agenda includes:

8.30-9.00 Registration

9.00-9.15 Welcome and Introduction

9.15-10.00 Forecasting the future: data driven decision-making – James Woudhuysen, Innovation Forecaster, discusses the types of data essential to business strategy, supply chain decisions, R&D and innovation.

10.00-11.00 What to do with the numbers: driving continual improvement – Leading quality professionals discuss the practical use of business information to enhance reputation, minimise risk and drive improvement.

11.00-11.30 Refreshment break

11.30-12.30 Breakout Session 1: The feedback imperative – why the voice of the customer is crucial – Why assessing customer feedback is integral to increasing customer and brand loyalty.


Breakout Session 2: Supply chain metrics: quality management on steroids – Caterpillar case study on lessons learned from implementing co-dependent performance metrics in its supply chain, reporting Quality issues to management.

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.15 Breakout Session 3: Six questions every board must answer – CQI’s Head of Profession, David Armstrong, looks at defining a strategic approach to Quality by ensuring the right questions are being asked of management by quality professionals.


Breakout Session 4: ISO standards in the future: Spare me the jargon – IRCA’s Head of Technical Services, Richard Green, outlines what the changes to ISO standards mean in practice, including significance of Annex SL and what quality professionals should do about it.

14.15-15.15 Does good governance equal good performance? – The expert panel discuss recent media reports of quality failures and assess the contribution and limitations of effective operational governance.

15.15-15.45 Refreshment Break

15.45-16.30 Accelerated change: innovation and improvement in Formula 1 – Head of Commercial Affairs for Red Bull Racing and Business Unit Leader for Cosworth F1, Mark Gallagher, shares his unique insights into high-performance teams, motivation, improvement and risk management.

16.30-17.00 Closing remarks and event overview

Click here for the full agenda details.

CQI Conference 2015

Attendees of the event will also be eligible for IRCA CPD Points. With such a diverse and up-to-date agenda, the CQI Conference promises to give an in-depth analysis into the current state of the Quality industry. Attend and you can learn:

  • the role of the Quality professional in developing business strategy

  • how business can benefit from an effective approach to quality

  • the importance of developing great customer relationships

  • how Quality reporting can be standardised when using external suppliers

  • the best and worst cases of governance in practice


Michael Ord QualsysM


ichael Ord, Business Development Manager at Qualsys, said:  

“2015 is set to bring about some dramatic changes to the Quality landscape. The CQI Conference 2015 is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to stay on top of developments and meet with industry thought-leaders.

“Qualsys are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and recognise the importance of key industry events. We are excited about extending our relationship with CQI by sponsoring the conference, and relish the opportunity to interact with other leaders in the industry.

“As exhibitors, Qualsys will engage with attendees around key subjects such as ISO 9001 changes technological developments. The event provides a unique opportunity for us to interact with Quality professional and hear their thoughts on the key talking points of 2015.”


Want more?

ISO 9001 Software


Image credit: http://www.cqiconference.org

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ISPE GAMP Forum increasing dialogue in Pharmaceutical Regulation

Posted by Ben Saxton on Tue, Dec 09, 2014

Qualsys recently attended the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) GAMP Forum, an event organised to increase dialogue and practical guidance between those involved in pharmaceutical regulation.

Michael Ord and Ben Saxton both attended the event to further their Pharmaceutical sector knowledge and understand the issues many of our clients face. As a vendor organisation we were pleasantly surprised and grateful of the open culture and welcoming nature of the forum.

Common issues within pharmaceutical compliance were shared with other members of the forum with a shared goal of improving practice for all. The November event was held at the recently opened and incredibly impressive Waters Mass Spectrometry facility in Wilmslow. The facility is an inspiring space to hold a forum and all delegates enjoyed the fine catering provided.


The forum consisted of a number of presentations all delivered by an expert of their field as well as break-out sessions where a number of different topics were debated.

Trevor Simmons of ZigZag started events with a thought-provoking presentation on the use of Cloud solutions. We were all in agreement of the advantages that Cloud could offer but definitions are required around what “Cloud” refers to with Open Clouds, Community Clouds and Private Clouds all available to organisations. Trevor stressed the importance of being aware of the need to control where our data resides, especially if you need to conduct data destruction at any time.

Chris Reid of Integrity Solutions updated the forum on the ISPE special interest groups including mobile apps led by Sion Wyn of Conformity, the result of which is the ISPE GAMP Mobile best practice. This discussion may have been aimed at addressing issues faced by mobile apps designed for the general public more than the corporate world but was still of great interest to ourselves. Our iEQMS Auditor App for the iPad is in general use by a great number of our clients including those who are FDA regulated.

Sion Wyn

John Andrews of Integrity and Heather Wilkinson from GSK hosted an open floor discussion on regulatory intelligence in which the need for electronic signatures, the FDA being able to take pictures on site and audit trail were all raised. We have been developing a complete audit trail solution to live within EQMS for some time and the points raised within this discussion were reassuring to hear from such an audience.

We attended the round table discussion, focussing on how to select a suitable partner organisation when outsourcing key functions, while as a group we exploring how such a critical relationship is measured. It’s hard to give a definite answer for this but a mixture of well-designed metrics and the less quantifiable ‘how well do they deliver this service’ appears to be the best measure.

"It was enlightening to spend the day with Quality professionals from the Pharmaceutical world, sharing ideas and best practice during the round table break-out sessions. As a supplier of an audit manager application currently in place within the pharmaceutical industry, the final presentation on the use of Mobile Apps within the industry was very interesting and has started numerous new product discussions within our organisation."

- Ben Saxton, Qualsys' Business Development Manager

Qualsys value the continous personal development of their staff as well as ensuring EQMS is developed to provide a solution to the challenges faced by both prospective and existing clients alike. The ISPE GAMP forum helped deliver on both of these points. For a more in depth report or to receive a demonstration of the iEQMS Auditor App please contact Ben or Michael on 0114 282 3338

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4 GRC Events You Can't Afford To Miss

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

At Qualsys, we’re committed to providing you with the very latest opportunities for continuous professional development. This is the first in a series of blogs that will profile upcoming governance, risk & compliance events. If you have an event you’d like us to feature, then please contact me at:


IRMS Conference 2014 

information and records management society

When: 18-20 May 2014

Where: Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel, Brighton, UK

Why: With businesses facing increasing regulatory requirements, it’s essential for organisations to systematically and cohesively manage information, data and records in order to maintain compliance.


Overview: The theme for this year's IRMS conference is "Luxury Or Necessity? Information and Records Management in the world of Governance, Risk and Compliance". A friendly event famed for knowledge-sharing and exciting speakers, the conference welcomes all those who work in or are concerned with information, data and records management, regardless of their professional or organisational status or qualifications, and who may be part of any of the following disciplines:

  • Information, Data and Records Management
  • Information Assurance
  • Enterprise Information
  • Business Intelligence
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Data Protection
  • Freedom of Information
  • Knowledge Management
  • Archives Administration and Management

grc conference

2014 Governance, Risk & Compliance Summit

11 0111 gsmi 72dpiWhen: 4-6 March 2014

Where: Hyatt Boston Harbour, Boston, MA, USA

Why: Today, organisations are expected to manage a variety of risks that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. The GRC summit provides risk & governance audit, and compliance executives a platform to share ideas, learn from peers and improve upon existing methodologies that have been created to support the people, process and technologies of their organisation.

Overview: Over the course of three days, using specific examples and case studies, the GRC summit participants will discuss how to increase effectiveness of current GRC programs. The summit will show you how to:

  • streamline the multiple business units into a cohesive GRC process
  • learn the ROI potential of a comprehensive GRC control framework
  • analyse risk appetite and find opportunity in risks that were once seen as a liability
  • access implementable solutions to take back to your company
  • networking opportunities will introduce you to colleagues throughout the GRC space
  • enable internal audit to provide assurance and insight beyond annual auditing plans
  • identify and implement sustainable practices
  • assess real privacy risks to your organisation
  • learn how to proactively monitor change
  • understand IT change management issues facing your company
  • IT data management, risk management, audit management, and compliance

Speakers include:

GRC Summit resized 600
Aiim Forum UK

AIIM newstrap 2009 3colWhen:
25 June 2014

Where: London, UK

Why: Exponential growth in mobile data, social networks, and the cloud is resulting in a relentless onslaught of new information. To survive this information maelstrom, businesses need to continuously connect staff, suppliers, partners and customers with accurate and up-to-date information.

Overview: AIIM is the global community of information professionals, providing the education, research and certification required to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud and big data. The AIIM forum will teach participants to take control of their information assets. You will discover how the latest innovations in information management can help your organisation to:

  • improve customer service
  • reduce process costs
  • support business integration
  • minimise risk
  • gain competitive advantage.

aiim conference 

Pharma Compliance UK Conference

When: 8-9 October 2014

Where: London, UK

Why: Pharma is facing a deluge of ever-increasing transparency regulations in Europe. Adopting ethical business practises is imperative to curb the risk of severe fines or a tarnished reputation.

Overview: Pharmaceutical, medical device and regulatory agencies across Europe will discuss the challenges and best practices to manage risk and enhance your compliance program. Attendees of the Pharma Compliance Conference 2014 can expect industry thought leaders from an impressive list of companies providing invaluable advice on how to implement a compliance program that works for your business.

This conference will revolve around the themes of:

  • operational compliance best practices
  • regional transparency, disclosure and aggregate spend requirements
  • global anti-bribery and corruption developments review
  • third-party intermediaries, due diligence and monitoring considerations
  • compliant communication with customers of today and tomorrow
  • product promotional compliance

pharma compliance 

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