Using EQMS Audit Manager? We've made some really useful improvements... [Video]

Posted by Marc Gardner on Wed, Sep 20, 2017

Improvement is a huge part of everything we do at Qualsys. It's in our culture. We're constantly improving as a business and as people, and we're always aiming to provide products and services that meet the highest possible standards.

We never stop developing and refining the functionality of our EQMS software. Recently we've made a host of improvements to our Audit Manager module, and we've put together a short video to introduce them to you.

Watch this five-minute video, hosted by Declan Webster, one of our Service Implementation Managers, or read the full transcript that follows.


Hello and welcome to the latest video on EQMS by Qualsys. I know you're all busy people so I’ll aim to keep the agenda nice and short. I’ll begin by talking about some of Audit Manager’s functions, and then I’ll take you through a few of the module’s practical uses. Then I’ll use the rest of the session to show you some of Audit Manager’s new features in more detail.

So to start off, what does Audit Manager allow you to do?

It allows you to schedule and plan your audits and inspections quickly and easily, and gives you a calendar view of your entire programme, filtered how you want. It can check an auditor’s availability before it assigns them responsibility for carrying out an audit, and it can notify those being audited that they have an audit looming. If you want to set milestone dates, or have audits that automatically recur after a set period of time, then the module can do all that for you as well.

Questions in Audit Manager are arranged into checklists. You can specify what type of response you need for each question. For example, it could be a date, a number, a selection from a drop-down list or simply a text field. You can make questions mandatory or optional, and you can determine which checklists apply to which type of audit.

It can automate corrective and preventive action by setting deadlines for tasks to be completed and triggering escalation to senior managers when issues are still to be resolved. It can assign as many actions as you need, to as many users as you need, so problems or potential problems are always identified and dealt with. And it can generate automated messages or emails to alert people when they need to take action.

It allows you to control security permissions for your audit records so responsibilities are clearly defined and records can’t be tampered with. You can restrict viewing to certain users or groups of users, or by audit type. You can enforce settings so auditors have read/write access to the appropriate records. And you can define your audit managers – in other words, those people who manage all audit activity for their area of responsibility – and set administrator privileges.

Like all our EQMS modules, we’ve built Audit Manager to be customisable and allow for a range of uses. Probably the most common use is the internal quality audit, where it helps avoid duplication of effort and allows much clearer and comprehensive data to be recorded.

A lot of clients also find it invaluable for their safety inspections, where it can be used to keep a full, detailed record of all safety activity.

But it’s not just handy for audits. Some of our clients use Audit Manager when new employees join the business, to keep track of paperwork, safety certificates, inductions and access to systems.

And those of our clients working in heavily regulated environments such as labs or medical device manufacturing facilities like to use the module to plan, schedule and carry out their cleaning reviews.

And now on to some of the latest features for Audit Manager.

First off, we have a new report, 494, which includes details of all questions, answers, comments, findings and more. The report adopts a similar style to many of the newer reports in the other EQMS modules, giving you the ability to rearrange, sort and filter the data to your requirements.

You can also save the filters and arrangement you apply to be able to retrieve a new report in the same format at a later date. Additionally, you can export to Microsoft Excel.

Another new feature is this small quality of life enhancement, deleting unrequired checklists. This can save a lot of time when making changes to new audits that use an existing template. Instead of having to remove each section separately, you can now remove the whole checklist in one action.

One of the biggest new features for Audit Manager is the .ICS Outlook integration. Email notifications sent out by the system regarding scheduling audits in EQMS now contain an attached .ics file. When the .ics file is opened in Microsoft Outlook it'll create an entry in your default Outlook calendar. When rescheduling, the notification email will also include an updated .ics file.

And the last new feature that I'd like to talk to you about today is the Auto-Start Audit. If enabled at an Audit Type level, required audits will automatically be updated from 'Planned' or 'Scheduled' to 'Ongoing' when the start date is reached. This ensures it's readily available for auditors to carry out the audit via the app or their web browser without the need for an administrator to update the status manually.


What you should do now

Our iEQMS Auditor app for iPad makes the entire audit process planning, producing reports and following up actions – far more efficient and effective. Click the image below to request a demonstration.

Auditing on the iPad


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12 different ways to use EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager as your single source of truth

Posted by Chris Owen on Thu, Mar 23, 2017

EQMS is a very flexible solution which can be configured to meet your business processes. But how could you use it to make the most of your audit and inspection processes?

At the EQMS Spring User Group 2017, Chris Owen shared 12 ways EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager is being used by Qualsys and our customers to deliver control, business efficiency, and a single source of truth. 

Here are some of the examples: 


1. Employee Onboarding / Offboarding

When new employees start, it is a critical time to ensure all the information they need and that all boxes are checked. 

  • Do you have their certificates? 
  • Has all necessary paperwork been completed?
  • Has their induction process been completed? 
  • Do they have access to all the systems they need? 
  • When is their probation review due? 

EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager controls employee onboarding and offboarding processes. When a new employee starts at the company, a new record is created and the employee onboarding process begins. 

More information here


2. Appraisals

For employee retention and performance monitoring, EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager can be used to plan, manage, and record employee appraisals. 

EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager can be used to check all appropriate appraisals actions have been completed by the line manager and the employee. 

The module also integrates with EQMS Training Records Manager so that any associated training records can be attached to the appraisal. 


3. Housekeeping Reviews

When we get busy, it can be difficult to remember everything that needs to be done. The smallest step forgotten could have serious implications later. EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager can be used for housekeeping checklists to ensure all important small steps have been taken, and no stone left unturned. 


4. Internal Quality Audits

Probably one of the most common uses for EQMS is internal quality audits. Lee Clack, W. E. Rawson Ltd, said "Since implementing EQMS, we've been able to do more audits in the past few months than in the past 3 - 4 years." So EQMS software can make it a lot quicker to conduct a large volume of audits and gain greater visibility of the performance of the organisation. 



5. Process Audits

As well as quality audits, it is also important to audit processes. You need to make sure processes are working throughout the organisation, rather than just one procedure. 

In 'Next Generation Auditing', Colin Partington, Quality Management Consultant and ISO 9001 expert says: 

“Process based auditing is more about following through a trail by taking a job from start to finish and reporting what is seen as it passes through the various departments. By taking this approach, a number of clauses can be covered in one audit.”

These audits involve looking at the processes, even those for the audit itself, and asking whether it is actually working. 


6. Safety Inspections

Safety Inspection audits check that your policies, procedures, and practices of employees and visitors remain relevant to your operation and are known to all staff. EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager makes it easy to take photos of issues, make voice recordings, attach documentation, and record video clips so you can keep a full record of safety performance across your organisation. The advantage to iEQMS Audit App is that this information can immediately be recorded in-situ, without the need for vague notes trying to explain a safety hazard or non-conformity.


7. Checklists for Your External Provisions 

EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager can be used to onboard and manage performance of your external providers.

Find more information about the new ISO 9001:2015 requirements and customer case studies: 


Wistia video thumbnail - EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager

Thanks for reporting a problem. We'll attach technical data about this session to help us figure out the issue. Which of these best describes the problem?

Any other details or context?


8. Cleaning / Catering Reviews

In heavily regulated environments, such as laboratories and medical device manufacturing facilities, it is essential that the correct cleaning and maintenance checks have been completed and that there is a record that can be easily accessed without risk of the data being tampered with during an investigation.

Many of Qualsys' customers use EQMS to plan, schedule, and conduct cleaning and catering reviews. 

Find out how Sodexo uses EQMS for cleaning and catering reviews here


9. Risk Controls

The incorporation of Annex SL into the ISO 9001:2015 revision is a key driver towards the ‘risk based approach’. Incorporating what was previously titled ‘Preventive Action’, the risk based approach requires an organisation to determine the risks and opportunities, plan actions to address these risk and opportunities, implement the actions into its quality management system processes, and evaluate the effectiveness of these actions.

EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager integrates with EQMS Risk Manager, so actions can be determined, planned and addressed in the system.  

Read more on Risk Based thinking


10. Claim Call Monitoring

Customer service employees can use EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager for claim call monitoring. This can ensure the correct process has been followed each time, without having to wait a long time for a response. 


11. Internal Compliance Audits

Probably one of the most common uses for EQMS is compliance audits. As you can associate the requirements for the standard with each audit, it makes it easier to gain an insight into the performance of the organisation. 

Thomas Miller also use EQMS for external compliance audits. They give external auditors access to EQMS a few days before an audit so they can see all the information is there. Read more about how Thomas Miller use EQMS here. 


12. VDA 6.3 

VDA 6.3 defines a process based audit standard for evaluating and improving controls in a manufacturing organisation’s processes. Qualsys has some templates which can be used for your own VDA 6.3 audit. Ask one of our team for more information or download the IATF 16949 toolkit. 


What you should do now: 

Got a process which needs to be audited, but not sure how EQMS could manage it? Talk to one of our experts. 

Alternatively, if you would like more information about EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager, request a demonstration here. 


Auditing on the iPad


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Qualsys Welcomes City of Bristol College to EQMS

Posted by Emily Hill on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Qualsys is excited to welcome the City of Bristol College as a new EQMS customer.

As one of the largest further and higher education colleges in the country, the City of Bristol College carefully selected EQMS for its integrated functionality, user-friendly interface and powerful reporting capabilities.

The City of Bristol College’s EQMS solution will consolidate EQMS modules including Risk Manager, Document Manager and Audit & Inspection Manager, as well as the iEQMS Auditor for iPad application, and will assist the college in achieving their management goals.



The City of Bristol College is undertaking a transitional project to provide outstanding education and training. The key project priorities include:

• Pursuing excellence in teaching, learning and assessment 

• Creating a self-evaluative, can-do culture

• Investing in learning through robust financial planning

• Harnessing technology and innovation to transform learning


“We’re delighted to introduce the City of Bristol College to the world of EQMS,” says Qualsys Key Account Manager, Gemma Baldan.

“Their commitment to utilising innovative technology and instilling a can-do culture within the organisation is one that Qualsys shares. We’re looking forward to working closely with them during the implementation process and see a bright and productive future ahead.”


EQMS will support the City of Bristol College in achieving their project goals in the following ways:

Pursuing excellence in teaching, learning and assessment

Excellence in teaching, learning and assessment involves continuous improvements. EQMS Document Manager will help City of Bristol College incorporate a consolidated approach to document management. By placing key documentation in one easy-to-access portal, EQMS users will be able to share and collaborate on projects securely and efficiently.

Creating a self-evaluative, can-do culture

Vital to the success of any transformational project is equipping employees with the skills and resources they need. EQMS KPI Dashboard provides instant access to real-time reporting information, enabling the management team to make better decisions and improve understanding and communication between all staff.

Investing in learning through robust financial planning

Robust financial planning relies heavily on successfully managing risk. EQMS Risk Manager will enable the City of Bristol College to approach risk proactively. Managing risks via a controlled framework such as EQMS provides a simple way to assess risk, and a structured reporting methodology which delivers accurate management information.

Harnessing technology and innovation to transform learning

EQMS uses advanced technology an intuitive design and powerful reporting features. Qualsys are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to support EQMS users. The iEQMS Auditor for iPad allows audits to be undertaken remotely, ensuring that audits and inspections are completed quickly, easily and accurately while removing the need for duplicating work.

Find out how EQMS by Qualsys can support your organisation with the EQMS Datasheet Pack.

Trusted ISO Compliance Software


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Qualsys Exhibit Digital Innovation at Barclays Business Club

Posted by Alastair Atcheson on Mon, Jul 13, 2015

Qualsys were recently invited to exhibit at the Sheffield Digital Business Club hosted by Barclays at their Pinstone Street branch in the city centre.

The business forum spotlighted ‘Digital Innovation’ and featured presentations and interactive showcases from industry specialists including Richer Sounds, Icetope and Barlcays Digital Eagles.

Qualsys Managing Director, Mike Pound, joined team members Michael Ord and Alastair Atcheson to share industry expertise and insight with attending delegates.


Barclays Digital Eagles opened up the presentations, characterising the opportunities that the digital age can bring organisations of all sizes.

Digital Marketing Consultant, Johnny Marchetta, presented a case study on the positive results that effective digital promotion had on Jameson’s Tea Room in Sheffield. In fact, Jameson’s were so pleased with the results that they decided to cater the event, much to the enjoyment of the attendees.

Vivida founder, Simeon Quarrie, gave a compelling presentation on how an innovative approach to video can solve countless business issues and help organisations achieve their aims. To prove his point, Simeon asked the audience to reel off a plethora of business challenges, and gave convincing solutions based around strategic use of video.

Qualsys used this unique event to showcase the versatility of iEQMS Auditor for iPad, which allows audit teams to carry out audits and inspections on the move.


As delegates gathered round for live demonstrations, the Qualsys team were able to demonstrate the immediacy and convenience of the app. With real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards and integrated CAPA Workflows, the iEQMS app generates up to 40% time savings by instantly collating photos, videos and audio evidence while eliminating unnecessary duplication.

By working alongside the web based EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager application, the iEQMS app helps organisations to cut administration costs and achieve a return on investment typically within 12 months.

Click here to learn more about iEQMS Auditor for iPad or book a demonstration, or follow the link below.


Auditing iPad

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Qualsys User Group 2015 - Hosted at the CQI and IRCA Headquarters

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

EQMS users from across the world came together for Qualsys’ 2015 EQMS User Group to discuss the current state of the Quality industry, upcoming EQMS functionality and the future of the Quality professional.

Hosted at the CQI and IRCA headquarters in London, representatives from EQMS customers such as BT, Diageo and Sodexo engaged in a comprehensive agenda with presentations from the Qualsys team. The event also boasted a range of thought leaders and guest speakers, including:

  • Richard Green, Head of Technical Services for the CQI, covering major developments towards ISO 9001:2015.
  • Aaron Schmick, Quality Systems Manager at MonoSol LLC, on implementing a multi-location EQMS.
  • Mark Davy, Quality Manager at Specialist Laboratory Medicine and Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

"The EQMS User Group 2015 provided a forum for EQMS users to gain essential insight into product developments and deliver valuable feedback regarding their experience as a Qualsys customer," said Rob Needham, Qualsys IT Director. "It was great to see a lot of satisfied customers, hear exciting suggestions for future developments and share the stage with some of the greatest opinion leaders within the Quality industry. We are now currently using the feedback to project our software and services forward for the future." 




The State of the Quality Industry

The day began with introductions from CQI and IRCA, before Qualsys’ Business Development Manager, Ben Saxton, took the stage to provide an overview of last year’s successful performance for Qualsys, reflecting on the growing team, evolving technology and expanding user base.

Qualsys’ Business Development Manager, Michael Ord, then analysed the results of Qualsys’ Global Quality Survey which revealed exciting, controversial and thought-provoking statistics about the state of the Quality industry.


EQMS Version 6.5 and Implementing a Multi-location EQMS

After delegates discussed the increasing importance of software and technology in their role, Qualsys’ Technical Director, Rob Needham, demonstrated EQMS Version 6.5 and revealed the product roadmap for the next 12 months. EQMS is shaped and improved based on the feedback from its users, and the User Group demonstration brought exciting developments as well as new suggestions.

Following a break, guest speaker Aaron Schmick, the Quality Systems Manager at MonoSol LLC, presented on the lessons learned from implementing a multi-location EQMS. Expressing MonoSol’s focus on quality, Aaron described the process and importance of selecting the optimum electronic quality management system for a world-leading manufacturing company. Having travelled over from Chicago for the User Group, Aaron’s hands-on experience and practical advice were well received by the audience.

Nearly as well-received were the lunchtime sandwiches. At lunch, attendees had an informal chance to meet and network with each other and the Qualsys team and share thoughts on the future of the Quality industry. Following lunch were the breakout group sessions, where delegates divided into smaller groups and discussed ideas and suggestions raised by the morning sessions. 

ISO 9001:2015, Annex SL and ISO 15189

Guest speaker Mark Davy, the Quality Manager at Specialist Laboratory Medicine and Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, presented on the challenges associated with ISO 15189 when managing quality at one of the country’s leading medical facilities. Always candid and humorous, Mark’s talk resonated with delegates from across the spectrum of industries.

CQI and IRCA’s Head of Technical Services, Richard Green, then cut to the core of the upcoming ISO 9001:2015 changes and the impact they will have on quality professionals. Dissecting the jargon, Richard explained the importance of Annex SL and challenged the audience by redefining the role of leadership, context and risk in quality management. 


Auditing with the iPad and Future Technology

The Qualsys team then presented on the iEQMS Audit Manager mobile application, developed in response to the increasing significance of versatile mobile technology. With a live demonstration on an iPad, Simon Wells and Ben Saxton conveyed the powerful potential that the app delivers.

To round off the day, Qualsys’ Managing Director, Mike Pound, reflected on the company’s 20th anniversary and looked ahead to 2016 and the future of quality management.

"Thank you for everybody who made the day and thank you to our EQMS customers," said Mike Pound. "We've been doing this for 20 years but we wouldn't have done it for five minutes without them. The future holds many developments, all shaped by our customers needs so we can continue to deliver operational excellence."

As delegates made their way out to the post-event drinks reception, they left with more than just expert insight. CPD certificates were awarded to each attendee, and complimentary goody bags and quality Qualsys mugs were handed out to much smiles all round.

See All the Video Footage of the Event Now!




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Qualsys welcomes Carillion Direct Sourcing as new customer

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Fri, May 30, 2014

Qualsys is delighted to welcome Carillion Direct Sourcing, a division of Carillion plc, as a new customer to EQMS.

Carillion has awarded Qualsys a contract to implement its groundbreaking Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Software. The solution will streamline their procurement process by providing greater visibility of the supply chain and significantly cutting the amount of time it takes to conduct supplier audits and inspections.

carillion smiling bloke

Carillion carefully selected Qualsys because of the wide-ranging benefits of its EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Auditor software, which include:

  • eliminating duplication of effort associated with transferring information from paper to electronic record
  • improving the quality and immediacy of management information
  • enabling auditors to complete audits on the move from any location, whether online or offline
  • improving the quality and accuracy of work by instantly collecting photos, videos and audio evidence
  • cutting administration costs associated with paper-based systems

Saving Time

EQMS Auditor
Already one of the UK's leading integrated support services and construction companies, Carillion now has extensive and expanding sourcing operations around the globe.

Previously, Carillion’s supplier audits or inline inspections comprised a manual, paper based process. Audits were recorded on paper forms, transcribed onto a report, and emailed to Head Office for collation and analysis.

Paired with EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager, iEQMS Auditor will now replace the traditional paper based system for every audit carried out as part of Carillion’s procurement process. This will enable auditors to instantly enter information onto the system, thus eliminating duplication of effort and saving vast amounts of time and administration costs.

Carillion also anticipate an improvement in the quality and immediacy of management information. The system saves a significant amount of time as each audit can be driven from a template of questions and tweaked as and when needed, meaning audits do not need to be created from scratch every time.

Reporting is instant and real-time, meaning immediate access to Key Performance Indicators. Deviations and NCRs are captured instantly and addressed through a closed-loop process.

multiple locations grc

Providing Flexibility

As Carilllion conduct audits globally, it required a system which allows its auditors to conduct audits from multiple locations.

EQMS will enable seamless completion of audits, capturing of evidence, and reporting. Offline synch mode means auditors can complete audits on the move from any location in the world, even when a connection to their network or the Internet isn’t available.

Eliminating Burden

Previously, Carillion’s auditors would travel across China encumbered with laptops, digital cameras and multiple product specifications.

Carillion will now be able to instantly collect photo, video and audio evidence using just one device, improving the speed, quality, and accuracy of their audits. Associated audit information such as product specifications and relevant standards are on-hand when required as a separate download.

“We’re delighted to welcome Carillion Direct Sourcing on board,” says Gemma Baldan, Qualsys’ Business Development Manager.

“We already have a number of customers in Asia and now Carillion is our first based directly out of China. We look forward to closely working together to support the role out and further improving their quality system and business efficiencies.”

Request a demonstration today to find out how iEQMS Auditor can save your organisation time and money:

Request Demo of EQMS

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Qualsys glide through their annual ISO 9001 audit

Posted by Gemma Baldan on Tue, Dec 17, 2013

describe the image

In November this year, ISOQAR visited us to execute their regular Audit Manager surveillance audit, in order to assure themselves that we were still conforming to ISO 9001:2008. It was reassuringly good news that our 15th year of compliance marked a single minor non-conformance. The bad news was that the Quality Manager proved to be the guilty party. The technical offence was repaired within hours of the audit! We are now looking forward to the embedding of both procedure and process in our own revised: 

  • Issue Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Dashboard and
  • Mobile facilities

as we approach certification to ISO 9001:2015.

All our business activities from:

  • Business Planning 
  • Sales
  • Business Consultancy
  • Product Development, Testing, Implementation, Support and Training
  • Staff Induction, Training and Appraisal
  • Audit Management  to 
  • Supplies Management

are now monitored at a weekly meeting through our own EQMS installation, QQMS.

It is all well and good designing and testing a bicycle, but nothing beats getting on it each day and experiencing the journey.

The MD is thrilled.


Peter Pond

Quality Manager, Qualsys

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New Release: iEQMS Auditor for iPad

Posted by Michael Ord on Wed, Oct 09, 2013

iEQMS Auditor for iPad will be released to the Appstore over the next week. Completely integrated with EQMS for on/offline work and real-time synchronisation, it is set to revolutionise the way distributed Audit Teams function.


Robert Needham, Qualsys Technical Director said: 

"iEQMS Auditor for iPad allows your auditor or team of auditors to record the results of any audit or inspection using their iPad.  The simple-to-use iEQMS Auditor App works in tandem with your EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager solution and allows each auditor to check out their allocated audits or inspections locally to their iPad for completion before synchronisation back into the system. 

iEQMS Auditor for iPad gives you access to your EQMS system and assure accurate question completion and evidence collection, even on the move.  Your team respond to questionnaires that comprise simple, recognisable checklists of questions that you devise, providing responses in the format that you require and instantly attaching any mandatory evidence such as photos, videos or sound recordings. 

Audit and inspections are completed quickly, easily and accurately without the rekeying of information typified by most offline auditing processes. The streamlined iEQMS Auditor audit process means any non-conformances are identified immediately and EQMS workflow automates immediate corrective action.

I'd like to thank Ashley, Paul and the Qualsys Development Team for their sterling work leading up-to our winter release"

Here is a sneak-peak of some of the v0.5 screenshots:

iEQMS Auditor

iEQMS Auditor App

iEQMS Auditor App

Register to attend the upcoming EQMS Webinar:

Attend Free Webinar



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