10 ways to use EQMS Issue Manager

Posted by Chris Owen on Fri, Mar 24, 2017

 The EQMS User Group on 22 March revealed a multitude of ways that customers are using Issue Manager. We’ve taken our ten favourite examples to give you an idea of how the module could benefit your organisation, from process efficiency and handling customer complaints through to document reviews and RIDDOR reporting.

#1 Purchase Orders

Here at Qualsys we use EQMS Issue Manager to raise Purchase Orders for the organisation. It creates a simple but effective digital trail to allow for quick audits and easy to find records. Purchase Orders are raised using the Job Tracker function, triggering an automated workflow to selected users.


#2 Marketing Request

Whether an internal marketing team process, or an external request, EQMS Issue Manager can help you to handle marketing tasks. There may, for example, be an interesting news story that has arisen from your customer services department. This can be raised as a request to the marketing department, who are then alerted to the request and can deliver timely marketing such as creating a press release or writing a blog article about the customer news story.

You can use the Job Tracker system to raise a marketing request in EQMS


#3 Service Delivery Tracking

EQMS Issues Manager has automated, customised workflows that can be attributed to any task. This means that once an issue has been raised, the right people are notified with an email and an action in their to do list.

This is particularly useful to track service delivery processes, ensuring SLAs are adhered to by creating workflows with time restrictions – so that people have to carry out their related action before the deadline. It puts accountability onto the individual for their role in service delivery, and minimises the risk of service delivery delays or issues.

You can follow service delivery stages via the job tracker or issues manager


#4 Security Alerts

A large site means it can be difficult to be aware of everything going on, everywhere, at all times. EQMS Issue Manager enables anyone to raise an issue, so if something is spotted as a physical, external, or digital risk, it can be highlighted and immediately put into an urgent automated workflow for fast action.

For example, a report can be made of a broken perimeter fence, and the right people can be alerted (those who work in the area, the maintenance person required, and an alert to someone who deals with external suppliers if contractors are required to fix the problem).


#5 Process Improvement & Suggestions

Any registered user (whether licensed or a free end user) can raise a point in EQMS Issue Manager. The idea behind this is to deliver clarity, openness, and encourage a culture of quality across the organisation. If an individual sees a way to improve a business process, they can raise this as an issue. The dedicated custom workflow will trigger a notification to relevant people (such as a group of line managers) who can discuss the suggestion and feed back to the individual on the next steps.


#6 HSE – RIDDOR Reporting

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) mean Health and Safety Managers must be fully aware and have processes in place to deliver reports in a timely, easy-to-interpret, and auditable fashion. The ability to track how incidents, or potential incidents, are dealt with enables HSE Managers to remain compliant with regulations.

EQMS Issue Manager provides a comprehensive reporting process using visual dashboards for customisable reports depending on the audience required. A full report, for example, can be disseminated to the HSE team for scrutiny and performance improvement, while KPIs can be extracted for reports to the executive board.


#7 Legal Contract Change

One of our customers regularly handles legal contracts, which may require changes. They use EQMS Issue Manager to raise issues on a legal contract, which are then automatically triggered to be sent to the right people (such as the legal team) for review.

Doing this ensures all changes are peer reviewed and changes made are certified by those who will be held responsible to the contract terms, mitigating future risk and ensuring individuals commit to continuous quality improvement in legal contract developments.


#8 Complaint Handling

Complaint handling is a critical business process, vital to the quality output of a company. Several of our customers use EQMS Issue Manager to create complaint handling workflows.

Once a complaint is logged, the next person in the workflow is automatically notified and can carry out their action. So it goes in a chain of command, and all complaints can be handled in a consistent manner within agreed timelines.

The reporting dashboard allows a quick overview of ‘jobs’ – in this case, complaints raised, and can be customised to demonstrate average response time, time to close, and even individuals who raise or receive the most complaints.

Visual reports can be created to demonstrate different types of information depending on the audience


#9 Business Change Control

Managing business change is a common sticking point for Quality Managers, and our customers have their fair share of stories – some successful, others less so. The key to managing business change is to implement systems and processes where communication and feedback can be delivered at all stages of the change.

EQMS Issue Manager has been used by several customers to create a workflow which links to EQMS Document Manager. This enables them to create, upload, and notify others of document change – such as new policies – while Issue Manager workflows allow for changes to be made within a controlled process.


#10 Meeting Minutes

A simple, but effective, way of using EQMS Issue Manager is to raise meeting actions for individuals to carry out. The triggered workflows, which are entirely customisable and allow for individual users to be attributed to an action or a stage, mean that meeting actions are guaranteed to be carried out in time.

Individual users who have a meeting action raised within EQMS Issue Manager will receive an email notification as well as a reminder in their To Do List. This ensures the action is seen and carried out within the required timescale, such as before the next meeting.


What You Should do Now 

If you need a system that handles a wide range of tasks, and makes the most of automation to minimise the administration (and time taken chasing other people!), you can find out more from the EQMS Issue Manager Datasheet download here.

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Qualsys welcomes University of Leeds as new customer

Posted by Emily Hill on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Qualsys is delighted to welcome the University of Leeds as a new customer to EQMS.

After a thorough and competitive evaluation process over several months, Qualsys was awarded the contract to implement an integrated environmental management system (EMS) for the University of Leeds. Consolidating the document management, issue management and audit management modules, the new EMS solution will facilitate the University of Leeds's ongoing commitment to health, safety and environmental management.

As one of the world’s leading research universities, the University of Leeds carefully selected EQMS because of its intuitive design and powerful features, including SAP integration and customisable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting.

The University of Leeds recently set ambitious initiatives to strengthen its sustainability. These key initiatives include:

  • Embedding sustainability through collaboration
  • Making the most of resources
  • Building knowledge and capacity
  • Being a positive member of society

Integrating new initiatives into the everyday processes of complex organisations such as universities can pose a considerable challenge.The versatility of EQMS allows organisations to adapt it to their specific requirements and help make the integration process run as smoothly as possible.

Jo Firth, Facilities Directorate Health and Safety Manager at the University of Leeds, said: "EQMS Audit Manager has been used for the Commercial Services and Campus Support OHSAS 18001 audit and passed with zero non-conformances. We have plans to use EQMS Audit Manager for our Residences OHSAS 18001 re-audit in October and Estates Services will be using EQMS Audit Manager for OHSAS 18001 audit next year. We also plan to use the software system for ISO 9001 accreditation."

EQMS will support the key initatives for the University of Leeds in various ways:

Embedding sustainability through collaboration

To assist with the collaboration of information between a huge network of 40,000 students and staff, the University of Leeds has invested in an advanced Document Management system. EQMS Document Manager will help employees to seamlessly share relevant documentation electronically. 

Making the most of resources

The University is demonstrating its commitment to environmental management by becoming ISO 14001 accredited. EQMS software underpins compliance and will enable the University of Leeds to manage all of its compliance initiatives within one system. With streamlined KPI reporting via the EQMS Dashboard, the University will be able to easily monitor and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its compliance processes. 

Building knowledge and capacity

Essential to the success of a university is the ability to build knowledge and capacity. EQMS Training Records Manager centralises all training requirements and highlights to each user any outstanding modules. The system also has a built-in electronic signature system which ensures employees receive and acknowledge any mandatory updates and training.

Being a positive partner in society

Part of being a positive partner in society involves managing any problems responsibly. EQMS Issue Manager provides automation and collaboration that addresses business issues such as complaints, non-conformance, exceptions, deviations and loss-events. By empowering the entire organisation and providing visibility and transparency, EQMS Issue Manager helps to eliminate systemic problems.

Continuous Improvement



Qualsys's New Business Development Manager, Michael Ord, oversaw the tendering process:

“We're very delighted to be working with the University of Leeds at this exciting time. At Qualsys, our software is as bespoke as our customers require– like a suit, tailored to your needs. We're continually developing innovative and adaptable solutions to match each customer’s specific requirements.”


Find out how EQMS by Qualsys can support your organisation with a product demonstration. 


Request your EQMS Software demonstration


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Friday Feature – FDA Regulations Scramble Hampton Creek’s Operations

Posted by Emily Hill on Fri, Aug 28, 2015

American health food manufacturer, Hampton Creek, has recently found egg on their face after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned them over severe labelling violations.

The FDA has warned that the vegan condiment, Just Mayo, is misleading consumers because mayonnaise must contain eggs.


This is not the first spout Hampton Creek has had over the brand name. In December 2014, multi-billion pound FMCG Corporation and owner of market-leading mayonnaise brand Hellman’s, Unilever, is claimed to have dropped a lawsuit against Hampton Creek over their eggless mayonnaise product. This should have served as a clear warning to investigate the FDA regulations before continuing with manufacturing.

What will happen next for Just Mayo? The FDA has warned that failure to take prompt action over these violations will lead to seizure or injunction.

Incidents like this can have a negative impact on an organisation’s products and can damage customer confidence in a company. The way Hampton Creek handles this warning will affect their brand image and consequently affect their position in the marketplace.

A business must be able to handle issues and complaints responsibly and effectively. While no business wants to receive complaints, the way they are managed can transform a negative situation into an example of positive customer service.


An effective quality management system is vital to a business that wants to ensure it treats issues and complaints efficiently and appropriately. EQMS Issue Manager provides automation and collaboration that addresses business issues such as complaints, non-conformance, exceptions, deviations and loss-events.

Proper control over issues is no yolk. By providing real-time access to a comprehensive database of accurate and consistent data and manages investigations to conclusion, EQMS Issue Manager can help you stay unscrambled.

Learn more about EQMS Issue Manager and download the EQMS Datasheet pack.


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Friday Feature - Bic, Please - Insensitive Women’s Day Ad Leaves Pen Manufacturer’s PR Campaign Stationery

Posted by Alastair Atcheson on Fri, Aug 14, 2015

A recent promotion posted on social media left Bic humiliated and demonstrated the importance of effective Issue Management.

For many businesses, social media can be a powerful marketing tool where a well-designed promotion can go viral almost instantly.

When misjudged, a campaign can provoke an unrelenting backlash like the one experienced by Bic over their National Women’s Day promotion that instructed women to “think like a man.” The internet responded swiftly, with several parodies of the advert appearing within minutes.



        velociraptor         skull



Bic penned a defensive apology, explaining that the ad was intended to be “empowering.” Unfortunately, this statement was ridiculed as much as the original advert, leaving the company digging themselves deeper into a PR hole.




Finally identifying their mistake, the apology was deleted and replaced with a more appropriate statement, but not before competitors Stabilo highlighted Bic’s mistake by rebranding the promotion with the tagline “work like a BOSS.”





Recurring Issues

This follows a similar PR disaster in 2012 when the company released pink Bic “for her” pens, suggesting the company may have a recurring problem with their marketing procedures - a fact the manufacturer's critics were quick to point out.




Errors like this can be damaging for customer relations. Having proper control of issues within marketing would have minimized the likelihood of this happening.

EQMS Issue Manager ensures critical issues are dealt with in a closed-loop process that eliminates recurring problems.

EQMS Issue Manager implements consistent processes with corrective action or remediation to resolve problems quickly and effectively first time round. This improves the trust and confidence of customers, staff and other stakeholders and allows organizations to maintain their reputation and deliver competitive advantage.

Trend analysis makes it possible to identify the root cause of a problem, and workflow functionality allows your organisation to identify and implement the required corrective action and plan for continual improvement.

 EQMS Issue Manager




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Friday Feature – Time Warner Make a Bad Call on Issue Management

Posted by Alastair Atcheson on Fri, Jul 10, 2015

Have you ever received an annoying phone call from someone dialling the wrong number? Have you ever received 153 of them from the same person? 

Texan insurance claims specialist Araceli King experienced such harassment after she endured a seemingly endless slew of calls and messages from Time Warner Cable Inc who were attempting to contact another customer.


However, this misplaced persistence has cost Time Warner $229,500 after a federal judge ruled that they had wilfully violated a law intended to curtail telemarketing abuses.

King was awarded triple damages because the calls continued even after she had a seven minute discussion with a company representative and asked them to stop. Like a jaded ex-boyfriend, Time Warner claimed that it was unaware of King’s objections, which is hard to believe when 74 of the calls occurred after King filed the lawsuit in March 2014.

The manner in which a company receives and manages complaints is a fundamental aspect of its customer service strategy. While no business is perfect, an inability to respond to issues and complaints can cost an organisation money, time and credibility.

If only Time Warner had an effective way of recording and tracking issues.




EQMS Issue Manager provides automation and collaboration that addresses business issues such as complaints and loss-events. It also records and tracks non-conformance, exceptions and deviations and provides real-time access to a comprehensive database of accurate and consistent data.

If Time Warner had managed their investigation into King’s complaints using EQMS Issue Manager, the issue would have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Instead, they’ll have to sell an additional 1,913 annual phone subscriptions just to cover the cost.

Make the right call and ensure your organisation has complete control over its issues. Learn more about EQMS Issue Manager with EQMS Datasheets, or follow the link below.

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