Alliance Medical opts for Qualsys's governance, risk and compliance software

Posted by Emily Hill on Tue, Jan 02, 2018

Qualsys is delighted to welcome Alliance Medical, Europe's leading medical imaging service business, as a new customer.

 Alliance medical.png

For over 25 years, Alliance Medical has provided medical imaging services for both public and private healthcare markets across Europe. The company is at the forefront of molecular imaging technology, deliving high quality PET/CT scanning services. 

Alliance Medical puts patient care and safety at the heart of the business. The team are continually looking for opportunities to improve their services. In 2016, members of their quality and process improvement team recognised an opportunity to upgrade their governance, risk and compliance managment system. 

After a thorough evaluation of solutions, Alliance Medical selected Qualsys's governance, risk and compliance software and services.

The solution will help Alliance Medical to implement even more robust processes - preventing mistakes, improving visibility and identifying more opportunities. 

Below, we've summarised some of the reasons Alliance Medical opted for Qualsys's solutions. 

Preserve integrity of documents 

Using SharePoint or manual processes for document management can make it difficult to guarantee the integrity of a document. 

Alliance Medical opted for Qualsys's document management module because it will enable them to: 

  • Restrict access to documents through advanced permission controls 
  • Ensure old versions of documents are locked to prevent losing information
  • Complete lifecycle management of a document

Audit for opportunity  

When it comes to spotting issues or potential problems, many businesses struggle to get the resources and buy-in needed to make internal auditing part of a routine. This leads to ignored problems, reactive processes, and costly mistakes. 

Alliance Medical is using the internal auditing module to plan, schedule and manage mutiple audits quickly and efficiently. The solution will help the quality team to: 

  • Use standardised templates to plan and schedule audits
  • Capture the right nformation during an audit
  • Automatically notify users of any corrective measures that need to be resolved.

auditing 5.png

Share risk data across multiple sites 

Alliance Medical already uses an advanced risk management rating system for all operational and enterprise risks.

Qualsys's risk management module will enable Alliance Medical to optimise the process by:

  • Enabling risk assessors to share risk data across sites, to share best practice, and to be aware of potential issues
  • Communicating risk to senior management teams, so they are aware and can advise
  • Standardising risk data for stronger decision making. 

risk management software.png

Michael Ord, New Business & Marketing Director at Qualsys, worked closely with the team at Alliance Medical to scope their requirements and said: 

We are truly delighted to now be working with Alliance Medical. Our services team is now working closely with Alliance Medical to configure and train their staff. Our services team works very closely with our customers as this ensures they have a sustainable system that is properly implemented and will benefit all employees. 


It all starts with a phone call 

Not sure whether we can help you? Or perhaps you know you need a consolidated governance, risk and compliance solution, but don't know how to get buy-in from your financial or leadership teams?

Schedule a 15-minute, no-obligation discovery call. We'll learn more about your challenges and will try and help you on your journey. 

Alternatively, browse our business case toolkit. It has heaps of templates, guides and advice for your peers to help you on your journey to procuring a new system. 


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Synexus launches enterprise document management system

Posted by Emily Hill on Wed, Aug 02, 2017

Qualsys are delighted to announce that Synexus, the world's leading site management organisation, has recently launched EQMS Document Manager across its entire company. 

Synexus engages, recruits and manages patients for clinical trial research. The company has grown significantly both in the UK and abroad, and has been recognised by The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 as one of Britain's private companies with the fastest-growing international sales.  

As the company continued to grow, Synexus sought a solution which would enable all its employees to access controlled information. After a competitive tendering process, it opted for EQMS by Qualsys

"Synexus has grown 400% in the past few years. Currently, all employees have a very high understanding of compliance and quality requirements. However, as we continue to grow to 5,000 employees by 2020, we needed a system which would give managers better visibility into issues and challenges."

EQMS workflows

Robert Oakley, Commercial Director at Qualsys and account manager for Synexus, said: "We're really excited about our partnership with Synexus. Our Customer Success Team have been working closely with Synexus to train, implement and engage their employees with EQMS. So far, it's been a huge success with almost all employees logging into the system over the past few weeks."

To drive engagement with EQMS, Synexus asked their employees to choose a name for EQMS.
EQMS has been rebranded to eQual.


Is your organisation growing? 

For more information about implementing EQMS in your company, arrange a discovery call with one of our experts. They'll ask you a series of exploratory questions to see if EQMS might be a good fit for you. 
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Energy Assets opts for EQMS

Posted by Emily Hill on Thu, May 18, 2017

Metering, energy data and network services leader for Britain's energy and utilities market, Energy Assets, has procured electronic quality management system (EQMS) by Qualsys to centralise and control processes and critical business information. 


energy assets.png

Gavin Allan, Document and Compliance Administrator at Energy Assets said EQMS will help the company consolidate documents as the company continues to grow: 

"It's a really exciting time for Energy Assets as the company has grown enormously over the past few months. Not only have we won new business, we've also acquired Exoteric Metering Limited and Dragon Infrastructure Solutions, so we are welcoming a number of employees and office locations across Britain to the group and with that brings challenges ensuring we are all on the “same page”.

"Energy Assets made a strategic decision to introduce EQMS as it will ensure all of our different sites are accessing the right information and reduce duplication of effort. EQMS will provide a backbone for us to make sure everyone can access important information such as engineering manuals, order PPE and view quality procedures. "


Energy Assets-1.png

Last week, Assad Toor and Dave Beard went to Energy Assets to provide training to the EQMS system administrators.


dave.pngDave Beard , Service Implementation Manager at Qualsys, said:

"We are really excited to be working with Energy Assets. EQMS Document Manager is going to be rolled out across the organisation over the next couple of weeks.

"We are confident that EQMS is going to drive many process efficiencies and help improve communication across Energy Assets' many sites." 

Over the next few weeks, Gavin will be doing a training roadshow to all the sites to demonstrate to users how to log in and access documents.

After this, Energy Assets will roll out an additional EQMS module for an enterprise-wide, integrated process management system. 

 Learn more about how other businesses are using EQMS here. 




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Aberdein Considine moves to a centralised EQMS system

Posted by Emily Hill on Thu, Jan 07, 2016

Multi-award-winning Scottish law firm Aberdein Considine has procured a new electronic document and audit management system to centralise information and to improve business management system integration.  



The law firm said that EQMS Document Manager and EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager will be the central system for all ISO policies, procedures, records and training / awareness materials. By using EQMS, it will strengthen a culture of quality, improve workflow and prevent information silos, as well as reduce administration burden. 


Document Manager

Using the bulk document upload tool, EQMS Document Manager will collect existing ISO documents and apply unique meta-data fields to each file. Advanced meta-data fields, powerful search functionality and numerous document attribute options will empower all levels of the organisation to easily access important ISO documentation. 


Try the 4 Year Document Manager ROI Calculator


Audit and Inspection Manager

All ISO audits will be managed in EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager and will be undertaken using the iEQMS auditing application. This will assist the firm to ensure every branch office is maintaining the same high standards, eliminate auditing inefficiencies and enable quick issue resolution.


Ambitious Future Plans

Aberdein Considine has plans to expand their ISO certificate portfolio over the next 12 months. As all new ISO standards use the generic Annex SL structure, the firm will be able to use the generic framework and then apply the discipline specific requirements to each management system. EQMS will provide a sustainable solution for integrating multiple management systems. 

Greig RobertsonGreig Robertson, Project Manager at Aberdein Considine, said the intuitive software design and configuration options, excellent references from existing customers and service received were why they chose EQMS. He also said:

"It has been a pleasure working with Alex, Chris and the rest of the Qualsys team so far and I look forward to working together moving forward. I wish all suppliers were as easy to deal with as yourselves." 




Business Development Manager at Qualsys, Alex Swan, said EQMS will deliver long-term results: 

"EQMS is a mature product which combines robust, intuitive and flexible functionality with cutting-edge technology. We are looking forward to working with Aberdein Considine in the future and helping them to improve quality performance."



More about Aberdein Considine: 


Aberdein Considine

Aberdein Considine is a national law firm that provides professional advice for property, legal and financial matters. Since the company was founded in 1981, Aberdein Considine has expanded to almost 20 offices and employs a workforce just short of 400. The firm has recently been awarded coveted 'Top Tier' status by the Legal 500 guide. 



If you are interested in seeing how EQMS can be used to support your organisation to achieve ISO standards, eliminate compliance burden and embed a culture of quality, please download the EQMS Datasheets. 


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Qualsys welcomes University of Leeds as new customer

Posted by Emily Hill on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Qualsys is delighted to welcome the University of Leeds as a new customer to EQMS.

After a thorough and competitive evaluation process over several months, Qualsys was awarded the contract to implement an integrated environmental management system (EMS) for the University of Leeds. Consolidating the document management, issue management and audit management modules, the new EMS solution will facilitate the University of Leeds's ongoing commitment to health, safety and environmental management.

As one of the world’s leading research universities, the University of Leeds carefully selected EQMS because of its intuitive design and powerful features, including SAP integration and customisable Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting.

The University of Leeds recently set ambitious initiatives to strengthen its sustainability. These key initiatives include:

  • Embedding sustainability through collaboration
  • Making the most of resources
  • Building knowledge and capacity
  • Being a positive member of society

Integrating new initiatives into the everyday processes of complex organisations such as universities can pose a considerable challenge.The versatility of EQMS allows organisations to adapt it to their specific requirements and help make the integration process run as smoothly as possible.

Jo Firth, Facilities Directorate Health and Safety Manager at the University of Leeds, said: "EQMS Audit Manager has been used for the Commercial Services and Campus Support OHSAS 18001 audit and passed with zero non-conformances. We have plans to use EQMS Audit Manager for our Residences OHSAS 18001 re-audit in October and Estates Services will be using EQMS Audit Manager for OHSAS 18001 audit next year. We also plan to use the software system for ISO 9001 accreditation."

EQMS will support the key initatives for the University of Leeds in various ways:

Embedding sustainability through collaboration

To assist with the collaboration of information between a huge network of 40,000 students and staff, the University of Leeds has invested in an advanced Document Management system. EQMS Document Manager will help employees to seamlessly share relevant documentation electronically. 

Making the most of resources

The University is demonstrating its commitment to environmental management by becoming ISO 14001 accredited. EQMS software underpins compliance and will enable the University of Leeds to manage all of its compliance initiatives within one system. With streamlined KPI reporting via the EQMS Dashboard, the University will be able to easily monitor and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its compliance processes. 

Building knowledge and capacity

Essential to the success of a university is the ability to build knowledge and capacity. EQMS Training Records Manager centralises all training requirements and highlights to each user any outstanding modules. The system also has a built-in electronic signature system which ensures employees receive and acknowledge any mandatory updates and training.

Being a positive partner in society

Part of being a positive partner in society involves managing any problems responsibly. EQMS Issue Manager provides automation and collaboration that addresses business issues such as complaints, non-conformance, exceptions, deviations and loss-events. By empowering the entire organisation and providing visibility and transparency, EQMS Issue Manager helps to eliminate systemic problems.

Continuous Improvement



Qualsys's New Business Development Manager, Michael Ord, oversaw the tendering process:

“We're very delighted to be working with the University of Leeds at this exciting time. At Qualsys, our software is as bespoke as our customers require– like a suit, tailored to your needs. We're continually developing innovative and adaptable solutions to match each customer’s specific requirements.”


Find out how EQMS by Qualsys can support your organisation with a product demonstration. 


Request your EQMS Software demonstration


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Qualsys Welcomes City of Bristol College to EQMS

Posted by Emily Hill on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Qualsys is excited to welcome the City of Bristol College as a new EQMS customer.

As one of the largest further and higher education colleges in the country, the City of Bristol College carefully selected EQMS for its integrated functionality, user-friendly interface and powerful reporting capabilities.

The City of Bristol College’s EQMS solution will consolidate EQMS modules including Risk Manager, Document Manager and Audit & Inspection Manager, as well as the iEQMS Auditor for iPad application, and will assist the college in achieving their management goals.



The City of Bristol College is undertaking a transitional project to provide outstanding education and training. The key project priorities include:

• Pursuing excellence in teaching, learning and assessment 

• Creating a self-evaluative, can-do culture

• Investing in learning through robust financial planning

• Harnessing technology and innovation to transform learning


“We’re delighted to introduce the City of Bristol College to the world of EQMS,” says Qualsys Key Account Manager, Gemma Baldan.

“Their commitment to utilising innovative technology and instilling a can-do culture within the organisation is one that Qualsys shares. We’re looking forward to working closely with them during the implementation process and see a bright and productive future ahead.”


EQMS will support the City of Bristol College in achieving their project goals in the following ways:

Pursuing excellence in teaching, learning and assessment

Excellence in teaching, learning and assessment involves continuous improvements. EQMS Document Manager will help City of Bristol College incorporate a consolidated approach to document management. By placing key documentation in one easy-to-access portal, EQMS users will be able to share and collaborate on projects securely and efficiently.

Creating a self-evaluative, can-do culture

Vital to the success of any transformational project is equipping employees with the skills and resources they need. EQMS KPI Dashboard provides instant access to real-time reporting information, enabling the management team to make better decisions and improve understanding and communication between all staff.

Investing in learning through robust financial planning

Robust financial planning relies heavily on successfully managing risk. EQMS Risk Manager will enable the City of Bristol College to approach risk proactively. Managing risks via a controlled framework such as EQMS provides a simple way to assess risk, and a structured reporting methodology which delivers accurate management information.

Harnessing technology and innovation to transform learning

EQMS uses advanced technology an intuitive design and powerful reporting features. Qualsys are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to support EQMS users. The iEQMS Auditor for iPad allows audits to be undertaken remotely, ensuring that audits and inspections are completed quickly, easily and accurately while removing the need for duplicating work.

Find out how EQMS by Qualsys can support your organisation with the EQMS Datasheet Pack.

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Qualsys welcomes Carillion Direct Sourcing as new customer

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Fri, May 30, 2014

Qualsys is delighted to welcome Carillion Direct Sourcing, a division of Carillion plc, as a new customer to EQMS.

Carillion has awarded Qualsys a contract to implement its groundbreaking Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Software. The solution will streamline their procurement process by providing greater visibility of the supply chain and significantly cutting the amount of time it takes to conduct supplier audits and inspections.

carillion smiling bloke

Carillion carefully selected Qualsys because of the wide-ranging benefits of its EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager and iEQMS Auditor software, which include:

  • eliminating duplication of effort associated with transferring information from paper to electronic record
  • improving the quality and immediacy of management information
  • enabling auditors to complete audits on the move from any location, whether online or offline
  • improving the quality and accuracy of work by instantly collecting photos, videos and audio evidence
  • cutting administration costs associated with paper-based systems

Saving Time

EQMS Auditor
Already one of the UK's leading integrated support services and construction companies, Carillion now has extensive and expanding sourcing operations around the globe.

Previously, Carillion’s supplier audits or inline inspections comprised a manual, paper based process. Audits were recorded on paper forms, transcribed onto a report, and emailed to Head Office for collation and analysis.

Paired with EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager, iEQMS Auditor will now replace the traditional paper based system for every audit carried out as part of Carillion’s procurement process. This will enable auditors to instantly enter information onto the system, thus eliminating duplication of effort and saving vast amounts of time and administration costs.

Carillion also anticipate an improvement in the quality and immediacy of management information. The system saves a significant amount of time as each audit can be driven from a template of questions and tweaked as and when needed, meaning audits do not need to be created from scratch every time.

Reporting is instant and real-time, meaning immediate access to Key Performance Indicators. Deviations and NCRs are captured instantly and addressed through a closed-loop process.

multiple locations grc

Providing Flexibility

As Carilllion conduct audits globally, it required a system which allows its auditors to conduct audits from multiple locations.

EQMS will enable seamless completion of audits, capturing of evidence, and reporting. Offline synch mode means auditors can complete audits on the move from any location in the world, even when a connection to their network or the Internet isn’t available.

Eliminating Burden

Previously, Carillion’s auditors would travel across China encumbered with laptops, digital cameras and multiple product specifications.

Carillion will now be able to instantly collect photo, video and audio evidence using just one device, improving the speed, quality, and accuracy of their audits. Associated audit information such as product specifications and relevant standards are on-hand when required as a separate download.

“We’re delighted to welcome Carillion Direct Sourcing on board,” says Gemma Baldan, Qualsys’ Business Development Manager.

“We already have a number of customers in Asia and now Carillion is our first based directly out of China. We look forward to closely working together to support the role out and further improving their quality system and business efficiencies.”

Request a demonstration today to find out how iEQMS Auditor can save your organisation time and money:

Request Demo of EQMS

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Case Study Medium-sized Enterprise: Monosol LLC

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Monosol EQMS

New case study now available on our EQMS website! This is beneficial if you’re a medium-sized enterprise looking to incorperate a centralised quality management system.


Based in Merrillville, Indiana, MonoSol are a world leader in the manufacturing of water-soluble polymer films, compounds, and solutions. They are a medium-sized organisation and a subsidiary of Japanese chemical synthetics giant, Kuraray.

FASTCO JUL11final resized 600

The Challenge:

Moving from a client-server document management system (DMS), MonoSol required a web-based integrated Quality Management Software solution that could support the changing needs of their growing organisation.

The Solution:

After implementing our EQMS software, find out how Monosol:

  • Tightened their document control and significantly reduced the time, effort and resources required to manage their business-critical information assets.
  • Centralised multiple aspects of their business by using a collaborative software platform, notably increasing efficiency across their organisation.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by increasing their reaction time to any customer concerns.
  • Built the foundations to enable them to make huge savings on paper with the use of digital signatures.

View Case Study Here

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Yallem Ltd introduce EQMS with Exciting Results!

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Wed, Feb 19, 2014

Yallem logo

New case study now available on our EQMS website! This is beneficial if you’re a small business looking for a quality management system. Below is a summary of the case study or alternatively click here to go straight to the Yallem Case Study.


Yallem Ltd are specialists in providing piled foundations for simple and complex projects throughout the UK and internationally. Their aim is to supply a service that meets all their clients’ requirements while executing their projects professionally, to the highest quality, on time and within budget.

Yallem Piling Solutions 

The Challenge:

Jonathan Wilson, Yallem Manager, talks about the challenges in implementing an EQMS system that would work for a small business while enabling Yallem staff to conduct audits on-site, in multiple locations. The system was also required to support ISO 9001 accreditation.

The Solution:

Find out how we implemented our EQMS solution to:

  • Gain credibility and attract large business contracts
  • Reduce risk and eliminate costly mistakes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality to customers
  • Conduct on-site audits from around the globe
  • Take large steps towards ISO 9001:2015 certification

View Case Study Here

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Oxford University Press: EQMS Customer Focus

Posted by Michael Ord on Thu, Jun 13, 2013

oup logo

1478. Oxford University Press (OUP) is older than most nations. With over 500 years history, OUP has a legacy to be proud of.

And a reputation to sustain.

OUP Paula

[click image to watch video interview]

As Paula Hart, Quality & Health and Safety Manager for OUP's distribution division says, 

"We benefit from a long term view, and are fully committed to quality innovations and best practice.
We have invested in state of the art printing and distribution facilities throughout the world, for example our Kettering facility holds 28+million SKU's (books) printed in 40 languages.
We use industry leading ERP and Quality Management software such as EQMS to manage Health and Safety, Document Control and give us real-time Management Information (MI).
This helps us stay flexible and competitive as the printing / distribution industry experiences rapid change. 
Quality and adaptability are crucial drivers that will ensure OUP's success for the next 500 years."

Oxford University Press (OUP) Distribution Services.

Paula Hart gives Mike Pound, Qualsys Managing Director, a tour of Oxford University Press' Kettering Distribution Facility.

Aerial View (Kettering)

newcorbysiteaerial resized 600

Form over fashion...

OUP Safety Shoe

Paula Hart and Mike Pound at the start of the OUP Warehouse tour.

Mike Pound and Paula HartMike Pound and Paula Hart

Mike Pound, Managing Director of Qualsys, said:

"Oxford University Press is a great example of staying power through innovation and quality. The team there always push for better. The move to the new Kettering distribution facility reflects that ethos.

I remember the EQMS implementation at the original Corby site and how impressive that site was. The scale of the new operation is even more ambitious. 500 years plus of commitment and investment. I hope EQMS is used by them for the next 500!"


Watch the video interview with Paula Hart 

 OUP Paula video resized 600

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