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Posted by Emily Hill on Mon, Oct 09, 2017

Quality is going through a really exciting metamorphosis.

For too long, quality was living in isolation. Seen as a challenge, a barrier or an overhead, called upon only when something went wrong. And for many, there's been a glass wall between 'quality' and 'operations' which has led to a culture of 'them and us'. 

Now, with the help of industry experts, changes in standards, and tools which facilitate excellence, the role of quality is moving from one of administration to one which focuses on strategy, vision and innovation.

All this change has led Qualsys to ask some real questions, like what business are we really in? Yes, we provide software, but that's a tool. What we really offer is a cultural tool for change. This requires partnership, commitment, knowledge, time and energy.   

We recognised there was a need to update our visual identity and launch a new website with lots of exciting new changes. 

Below, we've shared the journey of our brand, unveiled our new identity and provided a glimpse into some of the new services and products which will be available on the new website. 

Where we started 

Qualsys was founded in 1995 offering consultancy services and a very different version of our document control software. The company grew steadily, acquiring a number of heavily-regulated businesses as long-standing customers. 

Over time, we packaged our software solution EQMS as an electronic quality management system, offering a range of different modules to choose from. 

What was working

Back in March 2016, we were on track to not only double our customers, but doubling our team too.

The leadership team wanted to make sure we understood what was working and how, and why customers who had budgets to spend with huge companies like IBM were choosing us. 

After a number of workshops, customer research exercises and interviews with the industry experts, we began to build a bigger picture about what industry we're really in.

We looked at what we were good at. 

Quality  Others Qualsys 
Focus Compliance  Excellence 
Time spent Administration Strategy, innovation and vision
Relationship Client Partnership, investment, time and energy
Leadership See quality as an overhead Actively engage with quality
Need Certificate on the wall Vital part of business growth
Team Quality manager Every employee playing a part
Role Job

Make our customers heroes – quality as a career

Presence In isolation

Natural and invisible

Vision Command and control Culture as competitive advantage
System Quality management system Business management system


Our software and services have resulted in some exceptional customer success stories.

However, the identity of our brand was not reflecting what we stand for, and we were failing to give a full picture on our website of all the services we provide. 

Calling in the experts

To ensure our culture, relationships and personality was reflected in our visual identity, we called upon the services of brand and marketing agency UppB2B, who have experience working with brands such as DHL, Rolls Royce and the BBC. 

In the first phase of the project, we explored the 'essence' of our brand.

UppB2B talked to employees across the company and led a workshop. Mel Daggett, Account Manager at UppB2B, said: "After extensive market research, customer feedback and brand workshops with the team at Qualsys, it was clear there's something really special about what Qualsys stand for. 

"When we got to the real 'why' for Qualsys, it wasn't that the company simply provide software," Mel said. "It was all about making their customers more profitable, efficient, resilient, scalable and trustworthy. Qualsys knows it takes investment, time, energy and commitment to ensure governance, risk and compliance becomes natural and invisible. They're making compliance and quality not just for the quality manager, but providing solutions for the whole organisation. We're confident the new identity and website will reflect Qualsys's values and services."

A glimpse at the new visual identity



A vibrant, fresh and bold logo to reflect our mission to make quality approachable and accessible to all. 




Integrated EQMS solutions.png


We will update our documentation with the new colour palettes. 



Our software will adopt the updated branding, but the first experience of the new brand will come through the website. We'll start the process of updating the whole brand throughout 2018 and all customers' applications, touchpoints and interactions with Qualsys will reflect the new look. 

We'll also be moving away from solely offering "EQMS" and offering a range of software solutions, including ISMS, EMS, QHSE and BMS. 



Over the next few weeks, you'll see a complete overhaul of our website. The product offering, services and industry relationships will be more noticeable. 


Beyond the visual elements 

Design was only one part of the effort. Realising the new identity needed the collective work and diligence of our team, partners and customers. Our entire community deserves credit for making Qualsys the confident, trusted and innovative company that it is today. 

As we move forward creating new innovations, we hope every interaction with Qualsys will delight you.

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PDF conversion and overlays – Document management features

Posted by Michael Ord on Wed, Aug 28, 2013

Document control. It's the main user requirement for document management software systems like EQMS.

Using PDF Conversion and Overlays, EQMS gives you control of documents both in the system, and out of the system if a document is printed.

This article is for those new to EQMS Document Manager, it explains the feature and benefits of 'PDF Conversion & Overlays' - how it will save your organisation time and minimise costly errors.

Controlling Documents within EQMS:

If the PDF Conversion option is activated in the system settings, users *with appropriate permissions' can upload documents in their native format (such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc) and EQMS will automatically convert these documents to PDF when they are opened by end-users.

The image below shows an example, 'Greentech Work Instruction'; which is uploaded into EQMS as a Word document, but is presented in the EQMS Navigator 'Active Window' as a PDF.overlay blog image 1


  • End users can access controlled documentation but CANNOT download an editable version.

    This stops users from downloading controlled documents and editing them without going through appropriate approval paths.

    Depending on the industry this feature is a powerful risk reducer, and minimises that possibility of both costly and dangerous errors.
  • Document Managers and Owners can still access the original document in its native format.

    So you still have the peace of mind and efficiency savings that EQMS naturally provides.
EQMS Document Manager - Overlay

Controlling Documents outside of EQMS (i.e. when printed):

With PDF Conversion activated, documents can be printed *if user has permission* and key document metadata can be included within the document as an 'Overlay'.

In this example below, we can see that the Document Owner is Robert Oakley, and the Current User is Michael Ord (me). It also shows the Version number, Status, and current date/time.

Many other forms of metadata can be included and can be placed anywhere in the document. This is very useful for part completing forms and removing the need for manual, in document version control. 

PDF Conversion blog image 11 resized 600


A practical example of the benefit of Document Overlays is in a manufacturing environment

  • Work Instructions are often printed from EQMS and used by the Engineer onsite. If a work instruction is buried under a coffee cup and used when out of date / superseded you can be talking about errors costing six figures and more. 
  • With EQMS, users can be notified when a new version of a document is approved. By using overlays to impose 'uncontrolled if printed' dates and 'current user' we are controlling paper copies of crucial documentation. 
  • Users are disinclined to keep hold of out of date documentation and reminded of the Audit Trail and personal accountability of ensuring the user of Approved, Live work instructions.

EQMS Dashboard - Reports are available for document views, acknowledgments, approvals and more.

EQMS Dashboard


PDF Conversion and Document Overlays are really useful tools to help control documentation and enforce quality management and corporate governance policies.

1. Uncontrolled if printed – no more coffee stained, out of date SOPs

2. Pre-filled forms – reduce time, admin, human error

3. Detailed reporting – document usage, acknowledgements and training records 

We are more than happy to answer questions or provide a customised demonstration. Please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading,


Michael Ord

Michael Ord




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EQMS New Features and New Releases

Posted by Gemma Baldan on Wed, Dec 12, 2012

rob needham Rob Needham, Technical Director, Qualsys

We are pleased to announce a raft of new releases to both EQMS functionality and feature sets. A range of the features and modules have been released and are available on current version of the system.

There are also a host of new compliance and risk management modules which will be available very early in the new year.

Current new releases:

Document Manager

You can now work from EQMS Document Manager without even having to enter the application, it can work as part of you every day role, using;

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint Add-Ins
  • Outlook Exchange Add-In
  • Sharepoint App
  • Android and Apple App

PDF Overlays:

The PDF overlay function ensures that when a document is exported or printed, that key document control information is recorded as a footer; for example the date, document type, void if printed statement, e-signature, user name etc. 

EQMS Audit Manager:

  • Plan and schedule audits with ease
  • View all audit activity at a glance
  • Create new audits from stored templates
  • Record status, milestone dates and any other required data
  • Build reusable lists of audit questions 
  • Raise findings and actions associated with questions 
  • Set non-conformance triggers for question responses

EQMS Training Manager:

  • Assign training requirements by individual, group or role
  • Verify course completion
  • Automated re-training scheduling
  • Record details of training providers and their performance
  • View record of training undertaken by individual
  • Identification of training gaps
  • Automated email and to do list notifications and escalation of training reminders
  • Storage of certificates and evidence of course completion
  • Management reports

CAPA Manager

  • Record and track issues / complaints / incidents etc.
  • View Issues for defined periods by status
  • Classify issue source for further analysis
  • Build reusable workflow templates for each class of issue
  • Automate investigation with step-by-step action (eg root cause analysis)
  • Automate corrective/ preventive actions with workflow-enabled functionality
  • Track actions through to ensure  issue resolution and verification
  • Management reports 

Releases due early in 2013:

Risk Manager

  • Identify and record risk assessments
  • Automatically segregate and classify risk
  • Define probability of occurrence and likely impact
  • Automate  action to avoid, transfer, mitigate or accept risk by the appropriate individuals
  • Apply Risk Ratings
  • Management Reports
  • Automatic lookup and display of related investigations

 Supplier Manager

  • Store Supplier details in the database
  • Store Supplier evaluation and rating records
  • Supplier Approval Process with configurable automated workflow
  • Track non-conformances with  automated workflow through to problem resolution
  • Automate corrective/ preventive actions with workflow-enabled functionality
  • Management Reports

KPI Management Dashboard
GRC Dashboard

  • Dynamic real time reporting
  • Customisable screen and report view
  • Extensive list of  reporting capability
  • Customised reports
  • Permission driven
 For more information please feel free to contact us:
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