5 Quality Management Lessons We Can Learn From Santa

Posted by Callum Hornigold on Fri, Dec 19, 2014

While many people conjure up festive thoughts of Santa Claus cheerily flying across the globe pulled along by magical reindeer, the reality is the poor pensioner is facing the toughest task ever known to man and all the operational headaches that occurr in most large organisations.

Having to manage an estimated 12 million employees and delivering to over 760 million children in just 24 hours, a traditional shot of sherry in every household might be a helping hand just to take the edge off!

To pull off such a feat, Santa requires a quality management system that can perform, perhaps, miracles. How does he manage all his documentation, including millions of wish lists from hopeful children? How does he ensure his elves’ training is up-to-date and the standard of his toys doesn’t fall by the wayside? How does he analyse and address risk and strive towards process improvement?

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The Solution

It’s not all doom and gloom for St. Nic – Qualsys are on the case. After being challenged by one of our advocates to implement an Electronic Quality Management System for Mr Claus, we couldn’t resist. View our free whitepaper, ‘5 Quality Management Lessons We Can Learn From Santa’ and we’ll show you how Santa:

  • manages millions of wish lists and other documents while ensuring version control and security
  • analyses and addresses strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks
  • ensures all his elves are up to speed and training is current
  • runs a tight auditing process to deliver only the finest-quality toys
  • tracks his key performance indicators to deliver a better service year-on-year

If He Can Do It, You Can!

While the topic of Santa Claus is light-hearted, the issues he faces are common to every business and very serious. This free whitepaper will not only show you how he manages his operation, but will provide you with some quality inspiration on how an electronic quality management system may solve some of your organisational issues and provide time efficiencies.

It’s our little gift to you. Have a quality Christmas!

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