Datasheet: EQMS Risk Manager

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Avoid Catastrophic Loss and Meet the Regulatory Challenge

Risk management is now a permanent fixture on every Board Meeting agenda. 

Notable failures by global energy, communications and banking organisations and the explosion in regulations and standards surrounding corporate governance, compliance and risk management have piled pressure on management.

Avoiding catastrophic losses and complying with new regulations present a huge challenge, demanding improvement to operational efficiencies and a structured approach to managing risk and compliance. The ability to accurately assess, track, and manage the key risks to the business is often complex and compounded by stricter regulatory scrutiny.

Many organisations operate their risk-management function in silos with little integration across business units. The lack of transparency between operational and credit risk functions is often cited as the major factor in the woes that befell the banking industry in 2008.

A silo approach is expensive since data collection and processes are duplicated.

A consolidated and integrated approach with a single technology platform and shared processes will deliver

  • improved efficiency, 
  • reduced cost and 
  • improved transparency across the risk management spectrum.

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Qualsys is a leader in compliance, document and change management software. 

Formed in 1995, we’ve over 17 years compliance, risk and change management expertise under our belt.  

The EQMS solution is used by over 900,000 people worldwide.