Here's your free toolkit

Business case: 

The below documents will help you put together your business case for an electronic governance, risk and compliance management solution.

  1. Interactive ROI calculator - Automatically build a business case
  2. Business Case Template
  3. GRC software buying guide
  4. Management system growth audit 
  5. User requirements specification (URS) 
  6. Align quality with the strategic direction of the organisation
  7. Total cost of ownership template
  8. Abbreviated RFI Template 
  9. Build versus buy tool
  10. Datasheets
  11. Deployment methods
  12. The Case for Document Management Whitepaper 
  13. Site Survey Form  
  14. 17 reasons businesses choose Qualsys 

Vendor selection: 

Getting the right vendor for you is really important. These tools will help you choose. 

  1. Vendor selection tool
  2. Vendor scorecard

Team management: 

On average, there are 14 decision makers when procuring an electronic quality management system. These tools are designed to help you get the buy-in you need. 

  1. Do you need an electronic quality management system? Example survey here. Example report here.
  2. Stakeholder engagement toolkit
  3. Change management presentation 
  4. Job description for an administrator
  5. Internal project buy-in presentation

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