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What our Customers Say: 

"EQMS provides the ability to adapt the QMS torapidly changing business needs and thus keep pace with practice on the ground.
It also facilitates easy sharing of quality practices and procedures across our many manufacturing sites and effectively meets our ISO requirements" 

Laeona McGrath - QMS Manager Guinness Supply and European RTD



"We are constantly looking for new ways to keep customers informed. We wanted customers to be able to track the progress of the contract and see all the associated documents at a glance via their standard browser ordesktop. Qualsys has assisted BT with the successful implementation of large global projects for BT customers as diverse as Mars, Unilever, Deutsche Bank and Novartis. These systems have invariably needed to support complex compliance requirements, underpin sustainability and extend communication. EQMS is integrated with many of our internal systems to deliver a seamless solution to our users and customers."


Tariq Bajwa - Online Systems Lead, BT




"EQMS is an essential tool in delivering and evidencing our compliance framework. I look forward to the planned developments which should further embed EQMS as a cornerstone of our systems."


Mark Davy - NHS Leeds Teaching Hospital





Effective governance, risk and compliance management are essential for organisations who want to stay ahead of regulatory bodies and deliver excellent customer value. 


EQMS improves governance, risk and compliance management in a number of ways. By automating processes and eliminating information silos, EQMS provides a centralised system to control, manage and analyse business performance. 


EQMS Datasheets provide you with detailed information about how EQMS can be used to improve governance, risk and compliance management processes. 

The EQMS Datasheet Pack includes:

  • Document Manager
  • Audit & Inspection Manager and the iEQMS Auditor App
  • CAPA Manager
  • Issue Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Training & Records Manager
  • Incident and Accident Manager
  • Sharepoint Connect
  • Supplier Manager




About Qualsys: 


Qualsys' governance, risk and compliance management software, combined with our expertise in compliance and standard requirements, ensures that your organisation has the tools to deploy robust, agile and flexible processes and procedures. 


Qualsys has been working with SME's and enterprises in a range of heavily regulated industries for over 20 years. The software ensures all members of the organisation understands their compliance requirements and role in managing risk. 


More information about Qualsys is included in the EQMS datasheets. 



Download EQMS Datasheet Pack