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Rob Needham, Technical Director


"The new EU General Data Protection Regulation includes some dramatic changes on how companies manage, process and delete data. It's
no longer just about finding data and making sure it's secure. It’s about capturing the context of data and being able to prove you've done everything possible to protect the subject's data
and the rights of the subject themselves."



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In this toolkit, you'll have access to: 


1. GDPR explained – What GDPR means for your business, and a simple, pragmatic framework for putting the building blocks in place. 


2. How to prepare your team for GDPR – What GDPR means for stakeholder groups, and a simple guide to engaging your employees.


3. How to get started with implementation  The initiatives Qualsys's Quality Manager, Kate Armitage, recommends you introduce to protect your organisation. 


4. 10 essential GDPR resources – Mike Bendall, Qualsys' Business Mentor, shares his 10 recommended resources to help you prepare for GDPR. 


5. GDPR quiz – Test how well your employees know their GDPR requirements.


6. Stakeholder presentation  Watch an in-house presentation on what GDPR means for businesses, and download PowerPoint slides for your own use



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