ISO 9001:2015: Managing External Provisions 

Access a library of shareable content, webinars and how to blog articles. 

This toolkit includes:

1. Clause 8.4 Explained 'Control of externally provided processes, products and service': Robert Oakley, Director at Qualsys explains the key changes to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. 

2. 'Using EQMS for managing supplier performance' - Nigel Mangnall from Carillion Direct Sourcing explains how EQMS helps improve supplier quality. 

3. Supplier Management Quiz - ISO 9001:2015 Supplier Management Quiz, by EQMS Quality Manager Peter Pond.

4. How to manage supplier assessments with EQMS - Michael Ord, Director at Qualsys talks you through using EQMS for supplier assessments.  

5. EQMS Supplier Management Datasheets - Learn how EQMS helps manage supplier performance. 

6. Top 10 Supplier Optimisation Resources - Essential websites, blogs and thought leaders to follow to help you to optimise your supplier management system. 

7. Supplier Management Slides - How to optimise your supplier management system. 

8. Key Supplier Management Challenges - Survey results - Your main challenges explained. 

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