13 data management takeaways from the Qualsys summer 2019 user group

We love user groups!

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Twice a year, we invite over 600 customers to share what they've been up to, show off what we've been up to, and get your feedback on how we can develop our software in the future. 

The summer 2019 theme was data integrity. 

Quality professionals from BT, Sodexo, British Gypsum, and many other UK-leading companies joined us to get some new ideas and inspiration on how they can utilise more of the software features in EQMS to enhance data integrity. 

Below, you will find 13 key takeaways from the day.

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1. You're probably not using over 50% of your data 

Harvard Business Review reports that less than 50% of structured data is used in making decisions—and less than 1% of an organisation’s unstructured data is analysed or used at all. More than 70% of employees have access to data they should not, and 80% of analysts’ time is spent simply discovering and preparing data. 

- Kate Armitage, Head of Quality Assurance, Qualsys 

Access the slides here: Data management & analytics

2. Data integrity issues cost British business £1.9 billion in 2019 

User group Chris Owen

Access Chris's slides here: https://quality.eqms.co.uk/hubfs/Qualsys%20Supplier%20Chain%20management%20Chris%20Owen.pdf

3. You need a data integrity strategy

Quality teams need a data management strategy. Too often it's seen as the responsibility of information security teams. But we need to apply core quality principles to our business data strategy - risk based thinking, process design, waste management methodologies. It's our responsibility to ensure the rest of the business is continually improving their data management practices.

- Kate Armitage, Head of Quality Assurance, Qualsys 

Access the slides here: Data management & analytics


4. Your greatest data challenges are accuracy, integrity and reliability 


5. You need to capture a range of data for quality metrics 


6. You can apply nine data integrity principles using Document Manager

User group Kaye Eames (1)

Access Kaye's slides here


7. Use ISO 27001 for data integrity guidance

Access Kate's ISO 27001 slides here 


8. Data from EQMS indicates risk based thinking maturity in your business

Liam's risk based thinking slides: https://quality.eqms.co.uk/hubfs/Risk%20based%20thinking.pdf

User group liam


9. Supplier portals enables you to capture data which has electronic audit trails from your suppliers
  • Training record requirements are kept current

  • Audit finding transparency 

  • NCR, customer feedback, issues etc are all visible


10. Kiosk enables you to collect data at source 

More on Kiosk here

11. Business Intelligence Dashboard enables you to interrogate structured and unstructured data trends & forecast

More on BI here

BI Dashboard GRC software


12. We're analysing customer location data in our Business Intelligence tool to inform where our future training days are going to take place


13. You will also get a 90 day EQMS health check

We're using your system usage data to identify configuration opportunities in EQMS and keep your integrated management system in the best possible health. 

More on EQMS Customer Success here

Health Check Report




Download all the slides here: 



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