Alliance Medical opts for Qualsys's governance, risk and compliance software

Qualsys is delighted to welcome Alliance Medical, Europe's leading medical imaging service business, as a new customer.

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For over 25 years, Alliance Medical has provided medical imaging services for both public and private healthcare markets across Europe. The company is at the forefront of molecular imaging technology, deliving high quality PET/CT scanning services. 

Alliance Medical puts patient care and safety at the heart of the business. The team are continually looking for opportunities to improve their services. In 2016, members of their quality and process improvement team recognised an opportunity to upgrade their governance, risk and compliance managment system. 

After a thorough evaluation of solutions, Alliance Medical selected Qualsys's governance, risk and compliance software and services.

The solution will help Alliance Medical to implement even more robust processes - preventing mistakes, improving visibility and identifying more opportunities. 

Below, we've summarised some of the reasons Alliance Medical opted for Qualsys's solutions. 

Preserve integrity of documents 

Using SharePoint or manual processes for document management can make it difficult to guarantee the integrity of a document. 

Alliance Medical opted for Qualsys's document management module because it will enable them to: 

  • Restrict access to documents through advanced permission controls 
  • Ensure old versions of documents are locked to prevent losing information
  • Complete lifecycle management of a document

Audit for opportunity  

When it comes to spotting issues or potential problems, many businesses struggle to get the resources and buy-in needed to make internal auditing part of a routine. This leads to ignored problems, reactive processes, and costly mistakes. 

Alliance Medical is using the internal auditing module to plan, schedule and manage mutiple audits quickly and efficiently. The solution will help the quality team to: 

  • Use standardised templates to plan and schedule audits
  • Capture the right nformation during an audit
  • Automatically notify users of any corrective measures that need to be resolved.

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Share risk data across multiple sites 

Alliance Medical already uses an advanced risk management rating system for all operational and enterprise risks.

Qualsys's risk management module will enable Alliance Medical to optimise the process by:

  • Enabling risk assessors to share risk data across sites, to share best practice, and to be aware of potential issues
  • Communicating risk to senior management teams, so they are aware and can advise
  • Standardising risk data for stronger decision making. 

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Michael Ord, New Business & Marketing Director at Qualsys, worked closely with the team at Alliance Medical to scope their requirements and said: 

We are truly delighted to now be working with Alliance Medical. Our services team is now working closely with Alliance Medical to configure and train their staff. Our services team works very closely with our customers as this ensures they have a sustainable system that is properly implemented and will benefit all employees. 


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