by Michael Ord

Reducing Business Risk - new whitepaper released

EQMS Reducing Business Risk
Turn on the TV and everywhere you look you see risk.

The Euro, cyber crime, data security, legislative changes, brand challenges due to social media, the list goes on.

Research by the Institute of Directors (IoD) points to some interesting trends:

  • Cyber risks - £21bn losses from UK firms in 2010.
  • Claims brought against European directors increased by 20% in 2010.
  • Fines imposed against individuals by the FSA increased by 47% in 2011

In response, the IoD have published a valuable 80+page report for board members to help mitigate these growing professional and personal risks. 

We highly recommend that you read the full report.

But, if like us you are very busy, then you'll be pleased to learn that Qualsys has reduced the full IoD Business Risk report down to a 10 minute read.

Download the free 'Reducing Business Risk' white paper 


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Produced  by Qualsys Director Mike Bendall, who has 25+years experience in compliance and risk management, it is a crucial tool for busy CEO’s and Board Members to help you understand the new economic and legal reality.

 It covers:

  • Duties of directors to the company and its stakeholders,
  • How the board and chairperson interact with a company’s CEO and
  • How they implement a lasting and effective culture of risk management.


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