Steve Shore on the main issues of SRA & OFR for Solicitors in the UK

Steve Shore, the EQMS Legal Compliance Team lead, has 20+ years experience as Managing Partner of a 100 staff Solicitors and also a fee paid Judge.  Steve has always been forward thinking and a technology early adaptor and so it made perfect sense to work together to develop EQMS Legal Compliance software product.

This video is the first in a series of interviews to help share our learnings from 18 months intensive study of the SRA Handbook / OFR Regulations.

"I have been working with Tom Lee, a Solutions Architect at Qualsys, for over 18 months in order to get a forensic understanding of the Outcomes Focussed Regulations and how they apply to the day-to-day runnings of a Solicitors practice.
Our mission is to remove admin burden and simplify what can appear to be a complex compliance process.

EQMS has been used as a document management and compliance tool by Blue Chip clients throughout the globe for 17 years. So rather than re-invent the wheel, we have applied this learning to the new compliance environment for solicitors.

In my view, EQMS can save a small firm about 100 Partner hours per year and a full time administrator.

By automating things like Audit, and having access to the correct documentation via any web enabled device, I am convinced we can turn this 'compliance burden' into business efficiencies and differentiation.
I can foresee Solicitors using EQMS to achieve ISO9001 standards that help demonstrate 'quality' - which is crucial as the impact of the new regulations starts to take effect."


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Topics: Risk Management, Software, SRA, OFR

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