Event Preview: OFR: Practical Tools for COLPs and COFAs

As part of our mission to help and inform Solicitors, we will be introducing events and seminars that we feel would be helpful to COLP & COFA's. 

The Law Society Events:

OFR: Practical Tools for COLPs and COFAs, 25/10/12 – Leeds.


The Event:

This will allow attendees to discuss the implementation of the SRA by appointing COLP’s and COFA’s, and enables them to benefit from further support with day to day implementation of their roles.

Topics for discussion include compliance planning, the use of template to record breaches, reporting arrangements, the SRA information management criteria, the identification of material breach and your firms complaint handling process. Your firm’s culture will also be discussed particularly in relation to its governance structure, how client based it is and the systems it employs.

What is on offer?

A series of practical based workshops providing tailored support to meet the needs of individuals. Each workshop lasts 90 minutes with a refreshment break in between, lasting from 1:30 – 5:15pm. It is suggested that managing partners, COLP’s, COFA’s, Finance Directors and Compliance Personnel are the people who could benefit from this event.

Please feel free to suggest your event in the comments.

Topics: Quality Management Software, Risk Management, Software, OFR

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