Colin Partington on ISO 9001 Quality Standards

isoqar logoQuality Standards are an increasingly important piece of the corporate jigsaw.

Organisations of all sizes are considering standards such as ISO 9001 in order to win contracts or even just to demonstrate the minimum quality required to legally operate in a given marketplace.

With over 20 years' experience in quality and compliance, both as an ISOQAR QA, and now as  an ISO 9001 Consultant and Trainer, Colin Partington is ideally placed to share his views.

This is the first of a two-part blog series - aimed at helping organisations who are new to ISO 9001 or who are paper based ideas on ways to get best value from a quality standard.

What is ISO 9001 and what practical advice can you give?

#2 Colin Partington on why ISO 9001 Quality Standard is so important

#3 Colin Partington on what kind of organisations should have ISO 9001?

Colin's overall message is:

"Quality standards such as ISO 9001 are powerful business tools that can be used to drive improvement and change in the business. Too many organisations perhaps see them as a cost and a 'box' to tick - this is short sighted and actually reduces the value.

Companies with a proactive approach, clear processes, document management and control and a cultural buy-in are the ones who benefit the most from ISO 9001"

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