ISO9001 Training Courses by the Chartered Quality Institute

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We recently interviewed Colin Partington, an expert on ISO9001 and quality in general, and he advised organisations to use ISO9001 as a business improvement tool not just a 'tick in a box'.

Training courses by organisations like CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) are a great way to kick-start the process. If you are interested, or in the process of becoming ISO9001 certified then its definitely worth a look.

Chartered Quality Institute

This course offers an introduction to the structure and requirements of the ISO9001, also on offer is the chance to gain practical knowledge on the implementation of a quality management system and the chance to gain ISO9001 certification.

CQI offer a 2 day courses from:

• 30-31st July 2012
• 26-27th September 2012
• 5-6th December 2012-07-2

MWB Knightsbridge
14 Basil Street


For a CQI member a place on the course will cost £495.00. However the course is also open to non members but at the higher price of £594.00.

The course is aimed at: company staff or managers seeking to understand and implement the ISO9001 with a view to implementing an effective Quality Management System.

The course will cover:

  • The ISO9000 series of standards and their structure.
  • The requirements of the ISO9001.
  • Budgetary requirements placed on an organisation when implementing ISO9001.
  • Developing a QMS framework.
  • Alternative methods of document description and processes.
  • An insight into online QMS.
  • Process and Performance measures e.g. internal quality audit programmes. 
  • Preparation for achieving ISO9001.

The course is fully interactive offering tutorials, practical skills development exercises, group work activities.

The desired result:

  • On completion an employee will be able to relate ISO9001 to his or her own organisation.
  • Have the confidence to implement an ISO9001 programme.
  • Understand the objectives and benefits of an effective QMS.


Please get in touch if you are running events or training courses and would like us to review them.

Colin Partington











Watch Colin Partington talk to Qualsys about the impact of ISO9001


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