EQMS New User Interface (UI) - coming very soon

Giving you another reason to upgrade your EQMS, we are pleased to release these preview images of the new EQMS user interface (UI).

Mike Pound, MD of Qualsys said:

"EQMS has always been about making life easier for the user - whether that be higher level users who need the ultimate flexibility or read only 'end users' who want the simplicity to get on with their job without distraction.

When releasing our iEQMS Document Management mobile app and our Microsoft Office 'Add ins' this brought us closer to our vision of bringing quality and compliance to the user - allowing you to access crucial funcitonality from directly within your preferred business tools.

With around 900,000 users of EQMS we have to evolve carefully.

The new EQMS release brings next generation look and feel, without requiring additional training for your existing users. They benefit from a refreshed experience (in any browser) which improves usability, business efficiencies and buy-in"

The screenshots below are from the EQMS CAPA Manager and EQMS KPI Dashboard modules.

Speak to your Account Manager about scheduling your upgrades to benefit all the new features.





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