New Release: iEQMS Auditor for iPad

iEQMS Auditor for iPad will be released to the Appstore over the next week. Completely integrated with EQMS for on/offline work and real-time synchronisation, it is set to revolutionise the way distributed Audit Teams function.


Robert Needham, Qualsys Technical Director said: 

"iEQMS Auditor for iPad allows your auditor or team of auditors to record the results of any audit or inspection using their iPad.  The simple-to-use iEQMS Auditor App works in tandem with your EQMS Audit & Inspection Manager solution and allows each auditor to check out their allocated audits or inspections locally to their iPad for completion before synchronisation back into the system. 

iEQMS Auditor for iPad gives you access to your EQMS system and assure accurate question completion and evidence collection, even on the move.  Your team respond to questionnaires that comprise simple, recognisable checklists of questions that you devise, providing responses in the format that you require and instantly attaching any mandatory evidence such as photos, videos or sound recordings. 

Audit and inspections are completed quickly, easily and accurately without the rekeying of information typified by most offline auditing processes. The streamlined iEQMS Auditor audit process means any non-conformances are identified immediately and EQMS workflow automates immediate corrective action.

I'd like to thank Ashley, Paul and the Qualsys Development Team for their sterling work leading up-to our winter release"

Here is a sneak-peak of some of the v0.5 screenshots:

iEQMS Auditor

iEQMS Auditor App

iEQMS Auditor App

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