Case Study Medium-sized Enterprise: Monosol LLC

Monosol EQMS

New case study now available on our EQMS website! This is beneficial if you’re a medium-sized enterprise looking to incorperate a centralised quality management system.


Based in Merrillville, Indiana, MonoSol are a world leader in the manufacturing of water-soluble polymer films, compounds, and solutions. They are a medium-sized organisation and a subsidiary of Japanese chemical synthetics giant, Kuraray.

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The Challenge:

Moving from a client-server document management system (DMS), MonoSol required a web-based integrated Quality Management Software solution that could support the changing needs of their growing organisation.

The Solution:

After implementing our EQMS software, find out how Monosol:

  • Tightened their document control and significantly reduced the time, effort and resources required to manage their business-critical information assets.
  • Centralised multiple aspects of their business by using a collaborative software platform, notably increasing efficiency across their organisation.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by increasing their reaction time to any customer concerns.
  • Built the foundations to enable them to make huge savings on paper with the use of digital signatures.

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Topics: Electronic Quality Management System, Software, Document Manager, New Customers

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