Qualsys welcomes medical device manufacturer DySIS Medical Ltd

International colposcope manufacturer DySIS Medical Ltd has migrated all quality and compliance documents, procedures and processes to a centralised eQMS. 

This article outlines how EQMS is supporting DySIS Medical Ltd with robust quality and compliance management processes. 

DySIS Medical Ltd designs, develops, manufactures and markets imaging systems focusing on the non-invasive, in-vivo detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions.

With multiple manufacturing facilities across the globe, DySIS Medical Ltd is regulated by the FDA, MHRA and ABC which requires the manufacturer to validate every process. Effective quality and compliance management across their multiple sites is key to their continued success.

DySIS Medical Ltd has a range of EQMS modules such as EQMS Document Manager, EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager and EQMS KPI Dashboard to assist with managing and controlling processes. 

Chris Owen, Service Implementation Manager at Qualsys, has supported DySIS Medical Ltd in its implementation: 

"EQMS enables DySIS Medical Ltd to get complete visibility and insight into every process. The medical device manufacturing industry is heavily regulated, requiring robust quality and compliance management processes. 

We've worked with DySIS Medical Ltd to configure the system to meet their unique requirements and we are looking forward to helping them to make the most out of the system. " 


Why EQMS? 

EQMS is an off-the-shelf software solution, configured to meet industry specific regulations, internal requirements and to integrate seamlessly with business management systems.

The system functionality and architecture supports complex-structured and multiple site organisations to improve their ability to manage fluid processes. 

For more information about how EQMS supports organisations to improve quality and compliance in medical device manufacturing, please download the EQMS datasheets pack


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