Eight ways to use Qualsys's software for ISO 45001:2018

Many of our customers are on their journey to incorporate ISO 45001:2018 requirements into their integrated business management system.

Although understanding the requirements is fairly straightforward, thanks to the high level structure being the same as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, there have been several requests to demonstrate how to apply the health and safety requirements using our software. 

Below, Chris Owen, Services Director at Qualsys has provided eight ways you can demonstrate and integrate ISO 45001 into your daily routine. 

ISO 45001 systems and structures


1) Collect health and safety risks with Kiosk


Kiosk is a new application developed by Qualsys which makes it easy for any employee anywhere in the organisation to raise near misses and incidents in under ten seconds. This data is then fed instantly to the central management system which automates a workflow in CAPA Manager. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018: 

ISO 45001:2018 emphasises the importance of workforce participation and engagement. Kiosk can be given to any employee across your organisation to demonstrate engagement with the health and safety management system. 

2) Supplier competence 

Many businesses require suppliers, contractors and third-parties to have health and safety training before even setting foot onsite. 

Training Records Manager enables your business to schedule, send and update supplier training requirements to external providers and maintain a log of all activity.

Health and safety training records, proof of read and understood and other documentation can be attached to the supplier's record to demonstrate best practice approach to protect the safety and well-being of your third party suppliers.  

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018: 

All businesses have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of their external providers whilst operating under their control.

key health and safety management system principles

3) Managing incidents

If there is an incident, CAPA Manager ensures all the appropriate data is recorded and that the right people are notified by email / text or push notification immediately. There can then be a workflow of CAPA activity to ensure the root cause and any associated processes are updated. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018 

The business must ensure the root cause of an incident is understood and that there are appropriate corrective and preventive actions put in place. 

example QMS for CAPA management

4) Equipment maintenance and reviews 

Organisations are required to ensure their equipment is safe to use. Equipment Manager provides a full database of all assets which makes it easy to proactively manage equipment maintenance and calibration requirements. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018 

Ensure all equipment is fit for purpose and the correct health and safety training has been completed before the equipment / machinery is used. 

ISO 45001 with Qualsys's software

5) Employee training 

Many businesses operate complex health and safety training spreadsheets. Training Records Manager transforms this process by making it easy to plan, schedule, update and record health and safety requirements. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018

Training Records Manager makes it much easier to control the administration of training records. It also makes it easy understand whether employees are actually competent by testing their knowledge and retention on the training provided. If employees do not pass the test, the administrator can define the next steps. 

ISO 45001 audit 2

6) Health and safety audits 

Auditors can follow a prescribed health and safety audit or inspection which can be used to gather audit insights and send a completed audit report summary instantly to the central management system. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018 

Identify new health and safety risks and opportunities using internal audits. The auditing application enables auditors to capture any type of data. 

ISO 45001 configurable modules

7) Health and safety risk assessments 

Many businesses use complex spreadsheets for health and safety risk assessments. Qualsys's Risk Manager module enables your organisation to place all risk data in a centralised system where there is an audit trail. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018

Health and safety risk assessments should be a collaborative process whereby members of each department share their expert insights. 

Risk qms examples


8) Health and safety reporting 

By bringing all health and safety incident and near miss data into a single, unified system where all data is collected in a standardised and formal approach, trends can be analysed. 

The BI reporting tool by Qualsys provides an advanced trend and forecasting system which can be used to predict future health and safety incidents. 

How this helps with ISO 45001:2018

Organisations are required to continuously monitor and evaluate performance. The BI tool makes it easy to make sure health and safety risks and opportunities are managed. The BI tool also can be used to send a summary of high risk health and safety issues to leadership teams who can then action the outstanding issues. 

BI Dashboard GRC software


What you should do now: 

Access the full health and safety webinar materials for more information about ISO 45001:2018 requirements, how technology can be used & more.

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