by Emily Hill

Friday Feature – FDA Regulations Scramble Hampton Creek’s Operations

American health food manufacturer, Hampton Creek, has recently found egg on their face after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned them over severe labelling violations.

The FDA has warned that the vegan condiment, Just Mayo, is misleading consumers because mayonnaise must contain eggs.


This is not the first spout Hampton Creek has had over the brand name. In December 2014, multi-billion pound FMCG Corporation and owner of market-leading mayonnaise brand Hellman’s, Unilever, is claimed to have dropped a lawsuit against Hampton Creek over their eggless mayonnaise product. This should have served as a clear warning to investigate the FDA regulations before continuing with manufacturing.

What will happen next for Just Mayo? The FDA has warned that failure to take prompt action over these violations will lead to seizure or injunction.

Incidents like this can have a negative impact on an organisation’s products and can damage customer confidence in a company. The way Hampton Creek handles this warning will affect their brand image and consequently affect their position in the marketplace.

A business must be able to handle issues and complaints responsibly and effectively. While no business wants to receive complaints, the way they are managed can transform a negative situation into an example of positive customer service.


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