How EQMS aids COSHH compliance

Every company has a duty to protect their employees and members of the public from harm. 

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. 

So when you're dealing with hazardous substances, how can you be confident your business is compliant with COSHH? 

Complying with COSHH can't be a one-off activity. There needs to be continuous feedback, review and improvement.  

Many organisations use EQMS for their COSHH and other compliance requirements. 

EQMS provides a central management system to proactively and holistically plan, implement, review and improve business processes and procedures. 

This article explains how EQMS aids COSHH compliance: 




COSHH requirement
How EQMS aids COSHH compliance
1. Health hazards risk assessments 

EQMS provides a framework for you to collaboratively and holistically manage COSHH assessments. 

  • Configure our COSHH template audit to meet your own workplace requirements -whether you're a services business or manufacturer, baker or industrial chemical company, our customers use EQMS to meet their own hazard and risk handling process.
  • Mobile auditing tools work offline to help you to identify workplace health hazards.
  • Plan and record risk management plans.

COSHH checklist


2. Implementing and monitoring control measures 

EQMS enables you to plan, manage and implement robust policies and procedures to enforce your control measures.

For example:

  • Specify ways of working
  • Control equipment to be used when there is exposure to hazardous substances
  • Establish a routine audit program to review compliance

Kiosk risk ethics incident logging applications


3. Providing information, instruction and training for employees

EQMS has a training record management module which enables you to:

  • Schedule training
  • Monitor training status through a training matrix
  • Assess and test competency

Laptop Training & iPhone Auditor

4. Monitoring and health surveillance

The auditing module makes it easy to schedule routine audits, inspections or collect data from third-party systems to: 

  • Record and track WEL / BMGV compliance
  • Assess PPE / control equipment inspections 
  • Monitor contamination, screening, or biological results

Rawson Mobile Auditing iPad 2


5. Emergency planning and management 

EQMS Issue Manager provides an accessible tool to plan for emergency situations, capture the right information when there is an emergency, and respond quickly.

Issue Manager enables you to ensure the right procedures are performed, trained people are notified, and there is a response plan in place to manage the waste.

Issue Manager workflow


6. Chemical data sheet management 

Store and control your chemical data sheets in EQMS.

  • EQMS ensures authorised users can view and access any document. 
  • Associate any forms, other information, risks, audits etc with your data sheets to provide more context for employees

Document control software


7. Permit to work 

Demonstrate your documented permit-to-work procedures.

Control associated information such as:

  • Your method statement
  • Declarations of authorised personnel
  • Associated risk assessments

V7 Document Manager reporting



For more information about how EQMS helps you to comply with COSHH or other regulations, access our datasheet here: 


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