Sodexo shares 3 tips to make your electronic quality management system stick

Implementing an electronic quality management system will truly transform your business. It will improve efficiency, reduce wastage and increase profitability. It's a competitive advantage.

But when commencing any new project, it's going to take considerable time, energy and commitment to get it right. Any vendor who promises overnight success needs to be challenged. 

Who better to share advice than Rob Gibson, EQMS Systems Manager at Sodexo? Rob has managed the system across multiple sites for one of the world's largest organisations. 

In this article, we've shared with you 3 tips Rob Gibson, EQMS Systems Manager at Sodexo, recommended during keynote speaker presentation at the AIIM Forum



1) Be prepared for different responses 

Some sites take to the new system with such enthusiasm that it becomes the lifeblood of their operations, while others feel it's been forced upon them. Some systems will have the backing of business owners and sponsors, others won't. You need to negotiate all these different cultures. 

An implementation will only be successful if the end-users embrace the new system.

Whether or not the system is adopted depends on giving those users effective training, and having an internal champion who'll promote and support the system from within.


2) Don't let it become a flavour of the month 

It's important to keep up the momentum after the initial implementation. 

Longevity is key. Putting a system in place is one thing, but it's unlikely to be perfect from the outset. The more end-users engage with the software, the more they will identify potential improvements and tweaks. Though the original project manager may no longer be around, having someone there to ensure any suggested improvements or upgrades are made will help establish the system long term.


3) Share success stories

Use techniques such as interviews and voxpops to find out how staff are using the quality management system and what issues they might be encountering. What lessons can you learn from talking to your employees? Qualsys can help you with this. 


What you should do now

For more information on how to create a Culture of Excellence, download the Sodexo case study. 

sodexo case study qualsys


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