How to manage a software rationalisation process

From time-to-time, every business takes a look at their software and aims to trim the fat of any software tools which need to be retired, replaced or consolidated. 

It's not unusual for large companies to find there are two or more tools which overlap slightly with some of the  functionality in EQMS. Afterall, EQMS is a feature-rich tool used across the enterprise. And an increasing number of single use SaaS products are saying that they offer a "GRC" solution that is usually a basic ticketing system. 

But for many of our customers, when this happens, after spending months selecting and comparing EQMS vendors, promoting the tool internally, configuring the system, and being part of a project, it can be a very difficult, worrying and emotional time. 

Here's how to respond. 


1) First, don't panic. 

We know and you know exactly how much time, energy and effort has gone into making your EQMS work meticulously for your business. 

It's very frustrating when a new person who hasn't been involved or even looked at how the system is in use has been tasked with rationalising software and their focus is on quality - usually because they don't understand it. 

As soon as you find out, we suggest arranging a call with your account manager who will listen to you and help put together a business case. 

Quality management software

2) Our approach 

When our account management team get involved with software review projects, it's not unusual for EQMS to be the solution of choice- often replacing several single use, departmental tools. 

Scalable licensing, powerful features, excellent support packages - and your case study proof that the tool works and will continue to work, builds a very strong business case for EQMS. 

In fact, EQMS has recently replaced over 15 software tools for one of our large customers. Quality and compliance management software

3) Prevention 

These types of software reviews are routine in business. But we're confident in the value and the product package we offer. 

Here are some ways EQMS champions can stay prepared (and get some credit for all the amazing work you've put in to make it work): 

  • Keep your business case and ROI current and communicate it frequently to senior management 
  • Make the most of Qualsys's customer success service to promote the system externally
  • Gain even more momentum by extending use of the tool 

For more ideas and inspiration, read our five step guide to good governance, risk and compliance: 


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