Ideagen acquires Qualsys, launches new product

After acquiring Qualsys in a £15.6m deal in August 2020, Ideagen has launched the latest version of its Q-Pulse quality management software product.




Ideagen is a leading provider of quality, audit, risk and compliance management software.

Last month Ideagen acquired Qualsys, absorbing the cloud-native Version 7 of Qualsys' EQMS software into its portfolio.


This is a fantastic acquisition for Ideagen and will have a significant impact on our position in the EQMS market.

The latest iteration of [Qualsys'] product will sit perfectly within our Q-Pulse product family and will integrate into the quality management component of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) cloud platform.


                                                                                                                - Ben Dorks, CEO, Ideagen


EQMS 7 was the culmination of over £3m in development costs and harnesses the latest web technology to provide a flat, clean and intuitive user experience coupled with powerful functionality.

Absorbing EQMS 7 into Q-Pulse has allowed Ideagen to offer its customers a cloud-based quality management platform for the first time.

Q-Pulse is already used by over 2000 companies worldwide to manage, centralise and strengthen their quality management systems.

The latest iteration of Q-Pulse, launched today, allows Ideagen customers to build a scalable, connected digital quality system accessible from anywhere.


Next steps

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