Information governance: 3 ways EQMS creates value

Quality managers are required to govern an ever-increasing amount of information. Managing this information effectively is a demanding challenge.  In this article we look at three benefits of effective information governance and how EQMS creates value. 

1) Unlock Corporate Information Assets:

What do polar ice caps, North American oil reserves and your corporate information assets have in common? A question posed by Ed Dobson, Enterprise Content Management Lead at Deloitte during his presentation at the AIIM Trade Members Meeting.

Approximately 70% of the world's fresh water is frozen in ice-caps, rendering it inaccessible for use. 70-80% of the North American oil reserves are also inaccessible. Equally so, approximately 70-80% of valuable corporate information assets are locked up in information silos. 

If 70-80% of information assets are locked away in information silos, it reduces productivity, workflow and general well-being. With regards to policies, procedures and process information, if employees can not access the most current documents, they will risk non-conformances. 

EQMS is a cloud-based software solution which has also been designed to work within SharePoint, Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint, facilitating collaborative and productive workflows by making the information readily available for stakeholders with permission. 


2) Manage Information Chaos:

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It should come to no suprise to you that the amount of data we consume, create and share has exploded in recent years. CSC Insights claims that corporate data doubles every 14 months. 

Controlling the explosion of information in your organisation is also key to gaining greater insights into how your organisation can grow and where your weaknesses are. 

EQMS enables organisations to effectively gain control over information by using one interface. All compliance, governance and risk management documents can be found in one place. 


3) Promote Rapid Change:




Gone are the days when software needed to provide a rapid return on investment, according to Gartner in “Why CIOs Must Flip Three Leadership Behaviours”. Instead, Gartner argues that software must be valued dynamically by the way that it can deal with rapid change.

Although EQMS tends to provide most organisations with a rapid ROI, EQMS also enables rapid change to take place within an organisation. For example, if your organisation has an ambition to achieve a new ISO standard within the next few months, EQMS provides the digital framework to upload all supporting documentation to demonstrate that you meet the standards' requirements. Furthermore, authorised users can also edit workflows without IT intervention, which maintains the momentum on projects. EQMS evolves and scales with an organisation to promote rapid change. 


What next?  

For more information on implementing EQMS into your organisation, download the EQMS buyers toolkit below. The buying kit includes datasheets, a case for document management whitepaper, case studies and much more. 


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