ISO 45001:2018 health & safety technology webinar

ISO 45001:2018 provides a useful framework for your health and safety management system. But what the standard doesn't specify is how to actively capture risk data, manage risk assessments and create a culture of proactive health and safety management. 

Technology can help you capture 88% more risk data and improve the quality of your risk assessments. So, what is the role of management system software in the health and safety puzzle? 

  • What innovations are available to capture health and safety risk data, such as near misses / incidents / whistle-blowing? 
  • How are other organisations embedded health and safety considerations into business change processes? 
  • Why are organisations moving complex health and safety spreadsheets they've relied on for years to a digital platform? 

For ideas and inspiration, join Robert Oakley, Commercial Director at Qualsys, Kate Armitage, Head of Quality Assurance, and Chris Owen, Services Director, in the webinar on "The role of technology for Health and Safety." 

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Health and safety webinar


Topics: Software, ISO 45001

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