Marketing your EQMS: 100 Day Playbook

Getting your team engaged with quality and compliance is hard

While many employees recognise and accept that they need software solutions like EQMS to plan, manage and control their business processes, actually getting employees to use them consistently in their day-to-day work is another challenge entirely.

That's where our 100 Day Playbook comes in.


First 100 Days


During implementations of Qualsys's software modules, the EQMS administrator will focus on getting all of the technical integrations, configurations and validations just right.

This is a perfectly logical approach - a properly implemented quality management system will result in time and cost savings for years to come. But an equally important part of any implementation is raising awareness and promoting the new system so everyone uses it - in other words, practicing some internal marketing. 

It all boils down to a simple fact: the strength of your electronic quality management system will be directly proportional to the level of internal engagement with it.

Habit, tradition and legacy systems are powerful things; workers are more likely to keep using a business process they are comfortable using, and have experience of using, than move to a new system, however more efficient and powerful it is.

If nothing is done to drive engagement, you end up looking like this:


qualsys software internal engagement change


On the flip side, a quality management system which encompasses the entire business means standardised, unified and efficient processes which everyone understands and follows.

Qualsys offers unlimited free end users with our software packages, to make quality management a business-wide initiative rather than the siloed responsibility of a single department (or even person). 

We also offer a range of customer engagement tools and materials in the form of our 100 Day Playbook.


What to do 

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The 100 Day Playbook includes:

  • Hints, tips and articles to boost your implementation 
  • Exclusive help and guides
  • Internal engagement tools
  • Invitations to GRC workshops and events for continued professional development

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