Our new health check report (and our top customers this month!)

We don't just provide software then disappear. And there's a reason why.

World class quality management systems need constant tinkering and reviewing for continuous improvement. Electronic quality systems driven by EQMS are no different.

That's why the Qualsys services team have launched a new 'deep dive' health check report detailing how our customers are using their systems, where they are strongest, and where they could improve.

And we reveal our three customers with the highest overall system health for March 2019. 


Health Check Report


How it works




1) You request a health check report from your account manager.


2) We pull your monthly usage data from your EQMS site(s), avoiding all personal and business-sensitive data (unless you specifically request otherwise).

We look at key performance metrics such as:

  • How many of your users are logging into the system
  • How many raised issues you've resolved
  • How many audits you've completed
  • How many of your live documents have been read


3) We populate your health check report with this data so it's quick and simple to understand. Then we send it to you to share internally.

You can use your report to:

  • Pinpoint any weak areas you'd like to address
  • Prove the value and return on investment of your EQMS system internally
  • Understand the full scope of how the system is being used by your colleagues


And the winners are...


The more users logging in, the more audit findings cleared, the faster your document approval time and so on, the healthier and stronger your electronic quality management system is.

These are all great ways of measuring your success with our software.

                                       - Tom Speddings, Customer Success Manager


For March 2019, our three customers with the highest overall system health based on the full combination of their usage metrics were:


1) Elementis

Multimillion FTSE 250 chemical manufacturer Elementis were our March winners, with strong user engagement, lightning-fast document approval times and active ongoing workforce development through Training Records Manager.


EQMS 6.7 training records manager


2) DYSIS Medical

Medical device manufacturer DYSIS came second, with thousands of controlled and read documents and an active issue management process supporting their CE-marked and ISO 13485-accredited QMS.


document management best practice


3) MB&G Insurance

Newcastle-based insurance provider MB&G had the next best engagement in March, with a strong mixture of document, audit and issue management being handled within EQMS to drive continuous improvement.


Issue log 8D


Congratulations to our March winners!


Next steps

Request your health check report here:

HEalth check EQMS

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