Quality 4.0? 90% of day still spent on manual quality control processes

Quality can't ever be completely automated.

True quality improvement takes time.

It requires an understanding of expectations and rigorously applying critical thinking to see whether current practices and processes deliver expectations.

  • What do we need to adapt and adopt?
  • What are unnecessary activities using time, energy and resources?
  • How can we better allocate resources? 

But so many quality practitioners are spending heaps of their valuable time on manual quality control processes.

In fact, according to the Global Quality Trends survey, 350+ quality practitioners spend close to 90% of a typical day on manual quality control and assurance initiatives - rather than business improvement. 


Global quality survey 2020 report


How many hours will you and your team spend on administrative tasks this week such as: 

  • collecting data for reports?
  • chasing people and paper signatures?  
  • finding emails to approve and manage change?
  • searching for the latest policies, documents and legal files from document dumping grounds?
  • manually updating audit findings and writing up audit reports?

41 percent still manage quality on paper


What is the worst part of your role?

(Global Quality Survey 2020)

          1. Paperwork and administration
          2. Reporting, reporting, reporting just for the sake of it
          3. Lack of resources
          4. Lack of interest in quality – from leadership to bottom floor
          5. External audits
Quality 4.0 automation technology brings you business success and fully utilises the skills of quality professionals 

Automating manual control activities and bringing all the data together drives quality and business success.

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