Quality culture: 4 examples from Alliance Medical (case study)

Every business strives to achieve a culture of quality.

A culture of quality ensures everyone from shop floor to top floor are empowered, puts the customer first, collaborates and seeks improvement opportunities.

According to Harvard Business Review, companies with highly established cultures of quality don't only spend considerably less on fixing mistakes, they are also able to adapt faster, and they have much better employee retention.


Quality culture exists when all employees


In this article, the quality team at Alliance Medical, a diagnostic imaging service company, explains how Qualsys’s EQMS software is helping them enhance their culture of quality and excellence.


Alliance medical


1) EQMS makes quality accessible for everyone 

Alliance medical quality management system


Ellen Leacy, Quality and Processes Manager at Alliance Medical said EQMS helps make quality easy.



Quality shouldn't be difficult, it should be the norm.

By having a system that makes the processes, documentation and administrative work associated with quality easier, people are more inclined to engage with it.



2) EQMS makes the business more resilient 

Ellen also said EQMS ensures Alliance Medical is more resilient by improving transparency and visibility. She added: “EQMS helps us to be more resilient as a company by making it easier to publish data and be more open and transparent with our commissioners and patients. It is a must. It is really an essential thing to do.”



3) EQMS helps the business focus on improvement 

Alliance medical quality management softwareGillian O’Connor, Quality and Processes Coordinator at Alliance Medical said EQMS has not only freed up substantial time for the quality team, it has also helped the wider organisation focus on patients because they are not spending so much time focusing on manual data entry.


Everything was Excel or Word.

We were chasing people by email, letting them know that things were due. It was so manual, people weren't engaging with it.

People are busy. And in one sense we were asking people to concentrate on the patients, then in another we were asking where the audit results were and why incidents hadn't been logged.

It's not part of the daily routine and the system manages all notifications, target dates and ensures there is appropriate records. All the information is there.



4) EQMS keeps our staff informed 

Alliance Medical QMSEimear O’Donnell, HR Manager at Alliance Medical said having a centralised system helps make information available where it is needed.

We're only two months in, the difference has just been amazing, to be honest. Everything in the one place. I'm not trawling through my emails anymore looking for a reply to this complaint or a reply to that, it's all in the issue and for me it's fantastic.


Learn more about Alliance Medical's project here.


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