Now live: Qualsys Global Quality Survey 2017

For the third year running Qualsys have launched the annual Global Quality Survey - it's your chance to have your say on the pulse of the Quality Industry this year. 

Global Quality Survey


Never before have Quality professionals encountered such pressure in balancing and prioritising various organisational demands such as:

  • Hitting KPIs despite a lack of resource and tighter deadlines.
  • Identifying new opportunities for process improvement.
  • Complying to evolving Standards and regulations.
  • Aggregating data from a multitude of data sources. 

As technology evolves alongside developing regulatory requirements, so does the role of the Quality professional. It’s time to ask, how do you compare with others in your industry?

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The Big Questions Answered

“The Global Quality Survey is intended to take the temperature of the Quality Industry 2017 so we can learn crucial lessons from one another. 

“Developments in Standards such as ISO 9001 will result in a shifting Quality landscape. Technological advancements, commercial pressures and an increasing number of data sources to assess now means the skills, experience and what is expected of a Quality Professional is changing – this survey provides the opportunity to benchmark, canvas opinion and learn from our peers. 

"What does the world believe to be the greatest lessons in Quality to be learnt from 2016/7? Have your say. 

"We will produce an anonymised report of our findings and we will ensure that you'll be the first in the know.”


Mike Bendall Qualsys 

Mike Bendall, Qualsys’ Services Director


2016 Survey Results  

£1 Donation to Charity 

For every survey completed we pledge to donate £1 to Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

Each £1 donated will go towards:

  • Research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses
  • New facilities to extend the range of treatment provided
  • Improvements to the hospital environment that will benefit patients, families and visitors
  • Specialist medical equipment


Take the Global Quality Survey 2017 here >>>




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