Qualsys publishes global quality trends report 2019

In February 2019, 265 quality professionals from 55 countries shared their experiences, challenges, working styles and insights in the annual global quality survey circulated by Qualsys.

And the results are now in.




The global quality trends report takes the temperature of the quality industry each year, exploring key questions such as:

  • Which ISO standards are quality managers valuing and prioritising?
  • Are quality professionals happy with their day-to-day?
  • How are business leaders and board members interacting with quality?

From the role of technology to cultural change, the report unpicks the factors impacting the quality profession in 2019.


Next steps

Access the 2019 report to:

  • Benchmark against your peers
  • Learn about the key priorities, plans and pitfalls for 2019 in the quality industry
  • Inform your own quality approach and roadmap


global quality trends report 2019



Topics: Quality Culture, Global Quality Survey, GRC, QMS

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