The top ISO 9001 and quality experts and consultants (updated)

When starting your ISO 9001 or quality improvement journey, you may decide you want some additional support. But who are the experts you can call on? 

One way to get started is to see what type of projects, content and information experts are sharing on LinkedIn. 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these experts were recommended by members of our team, and we encourage you to follow them on LinkedIn.

Assad Quality and governance, risk and compliance softwre


1) Mel Blackmore, Blackmores consulting


2) Richard Green, Kingsford Consultancy Services


3) Kate Armitage, Qualsys 


4) John Oakland, Oakland Consulting 


5) Pelleren Hodges, Creo Pharma 


6) Mark Eydman, Six Pillars Consulting 


7) Peter Cruishanks, Oakland Consulting 


8) Chris Owen, Qualsys


9) Rachel Churchman, Blackmores UK 


10) Jonathan Rigby, JDR Consultancy


11) Kevin Duggan, Institute for Operational Excellence


12) Arun Kumar, Lion and Gazelle


13) Malihe Shahidan, Total Quality Management course leader


13) Paul Robinson, Blackmores


Want to join this list of experts? Or think we're missing someone? 

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