Unilever complete perfect ISO 13485 audit with EQMS

The Unilever Oral Care department faced the first major test for its new EQMS system in May 2019, as the auditors arrived for the annual ISO 13485 surveillance audit.


Unilever Port Sunlight


After becoming Qualsys customers and implementing EQMS in January, the Oral Care team worked to digitise their paper-based legacy system, transferring over 2000 records and documents into Document Manager and building an operational electronic medical device quality management system.

Paulo Ramos, Quality Manager of the Oral Care R&D department, commented:


Oral Care at Unilever just passed another successful audit against ISO 13485 with zero non-conformities.

With a challenging year where we moved from a paper-based system to a fully digital, software-based environment, EQMS enabled us to drive efficiency and radically improve our levels of quality and control.

Thanks to our Qualsys partners who have been with us on this journey!

EQMS proved to be a great tool and strongly contributed to the success of this audit.



Last month, Unilever emerged as the world's strongest manufacturing brand in Kantar's annual brand footprint ranking, with six of its sub-brands purchased more than a billion times in 2018.


Next steps


Read about how Unilever started their EQMS journey here.

And see how they breezed through their audit by downloading our ISO 13485 software datasheets:


Medical device quality management software datasheet brochure


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