A tool to drive continuous quality improvement for W. E. Rawson Ltd, a non-woven textile manufacturer

W.E Rawson Ltd has been manufacturing and distributing Non-Woven Textiles from its site in Wakefield for 150 years. 

In this case study, you will learn more about the journey that Lee Clack, Quality Manager at W. E. Rawson Ltd, went through to get EQMS implemented.  


A Short Interview with the Client

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A transcript of the video: 


Why did you need EQMS? 

We needed EQMS because we had internal systems which were mostly access based. What I wanted to bring in was a main driving tool for continuous improvement.

"A driving tool for continuous quality improvment"

With EQMS by Qualsys being module-based, it was very versatile and ticked all of the boxes for all of the business areas we needed to cover.  

"very versatile and ticked all of the boxes"

Continuous quality improvement journey


Image: EQMS Training Records Manager - the Training Matrix 


What were your main challenges before EQMS? 

Everything really. There were internal access based systems and databases which did not give me the reports I needed. Specifically, I wanted to look at trending in regards to customer complaints, non-conformances and other areas we want to drive continuous quality improvement.

"direction for continuous quality improvement"

Previously, there were no reports, documentation or solid data that we could collect which would point us in the right direction for continuous quality improvement. 

Continuous Quality Improvement

Image: EQMS KPI Dashboard


What is your vision for EQMS at W. E. Rawson? 

My vision for EQMS at W. E. Rawson is to firsly get EQMS fully utilised. I want to get every member of staff using the system. Obviously, EQMS will give us the knowledge and the data that we require to drive continuous quality improvement. 

"EQMS will help us to drive continuous improvements across the whole business"


The continuous improvements are not just in production, we are driving improvements now across the whole site in all of the departments - across transport, finance, sales. 

The vision is to put EQMS in at the other sites. It will help them to drive continuous improvement, so the business as a whole will improve.  


Image: EQMS Document Navigator Tree


What do you want everyone at W. E. Rawson Ltd to do now? 

I want everyone to get familiar with the system. What we have found with the system is that it is very user-friendly.

"EQMS is very user-friendly and quite straightforward"

That is what ticked another box for us in chosing EQMS. This is because we have had people who have worked here for 30 years who are used to paperwork. The general feedback we've had on the system is that EQMS is very easy to use and quite straightforward.

The aim is that we will have everyone using the system on a daily basis. This means we will start getting the data and the information required. 

"We can now start getting the data and information required"



What you should do now 

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