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Aberdein Considine moves to a centralised EQMS system

Multi-award-winning Scottish law firm Aberdein Considine has procured a new electronic document and audit management system to centralise information and to improve business management system integration.  



The law firm said that EQMS Document Manager and EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager will be the central system for all ISO policies, procedures, records and training / awareness materials. By using EQMS, it will strengthen a culture of quality, improve workflow and prevent information silos, as well as reduce administration burden. 


Document Manager

Using the bulk document upload tool, EQMS Document Manager will collect existing ISO documents and apply unique meta-data fields to each file. Advanced meta-data fields, powerful search functionality and numerous document attribute options will empower all levels of the organisation to easily access important ISO documentation. 


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Audit and Inspection Manager

All ISO audits will be managed in EQMS Audit and Inspection Manager and will be undertaken using the iEQMS auditing application. This will assist the firm to ensure every branch office is maintaining the same high standards, eliminate auditing inefficiencies and enable quick issue resolution.


Ambitious Future Plans

Aberdein Considine has plans to expand their ISO certificate portfolio over the next 12 months. As all new ISO standards use the generic Annex SL structure, the firm will be able to use the generic framework and then apply the discipline specific requirements to each management system. EQMS will provide a sustainable solution for integrating multiple management systems. 

Greig RobertsonGreig Robertson, Project Manager at Aberdein Considine, said the intuitive software design and configuration options, excellent references from existing customers and service received were why they chose EQMS. He also said:

"It has been a pleasure working with Alex, Chris and the rest of the Qualsys team so far and I look forward to working together moving forward. I wish all suppliers were as easy to deal with as yourselves." 




Business Development Manager at Qualsys, Alex Swan, said EQMS will deliver long-term results: 

"EQMS is a mature product which combines robust, intuitive and flexible functionality with cutting-edge technology. We are looking forward to working with Aberdein Considine in the future and helping them to improve quality performance."



More about Aberdein Considine: 


Aberdein Considine

Aberdein Considine is a national law firm that provides professional advice for property, legal and financial matters. Since the company was founded in 1981, Aberdein Considine has expanded to almost 20 offices and employs a workforce just short of 400. The firm has recently been awarded coveted 'Top Tier' status by the Legal 500 guide. 



If you are interested in seeing how EQMS can be used to support your organisation to achieve ISO standards, eliminate compliance burden and embed a culture of quality, please download the EQMS Datasheets. 


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