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More about our issue management module: 

Our issue management module saves you time and money by allowing you to investigate and address business issues quickly and efficiently in a consistent and compliant fashion. Workflow-enabled functionality guides you through the investigation process, guaranteeing completion of any actions and storing evidence of compliance.

EQMS Issue Manager delivers a range of benefits:

  • Data capture is consistent and accurate
  • Issue status and tracking is visible right across the organisation. 
  • Critical issues are unfailingly dealt with in a closed-loop process 
  • Automated compliance with consistent processing and mandatory evidence/information collection 
  • Reduction in costs, delays and risk associated with tackling challenging business issues 
  • Real-time issue analysis improves decision-making and performance 
  • The effort required to manage issues across multiple standards & regulations, geographic territories and organisational boundaries is minimised 
  • The confidence of staff, customers, partners and regulators improves


Qualsys is a leader in compliance, document and change management software. 

Formed in 1995, we’ve over 17 years compliance, risk and change management expertise under our belt.  

The EQMS solution is used by over 900,000 people worldwide.