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A Cornerstone for Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance

Manual and paper-based processes for managing policies and control documents are inefficient, costly, unsustainable, and require a huge amount of storage. Effective electronic document control is central to quality management and regulatory compliance. 

The volume of policies, processes, SOPs and quality, regulatory & compliance records is escalating with bottlenecks and delays often holding back the growing business. 

Managing the delivery, acknowledgement and review cycle presents a heavy administrative overhead that many organisations struggle to contain. 

Rapid retrieval of important information presents a constant challenge and the use of out-of-date, inaccurate content jeopardises standards and regulatory compliance.

EQMS Document Manager removes these barriers - a secure, cloud based, intuitive documentation management system which improves workflows. 


About Qualsys

Qualsys is a leader in compliance, document and change management software. Formed in 1995, we’ve over 17 years compliance, risk and change management expertise. Qualsys offers organisations a mature document management solution which can be easily integrated into your organisation. 

The EQMS solution is used by over 900,000 people worldwide.