Quality management software business case toolkit

Know what questions to ask to get buy-in and drive the results you want.

Dive into a library of templates, checklists and advice from industry experts:


1. Software Buyer's Guide & ROI Calculator – All the tools needed to evaluate and select the right software solution for your business.

2. COPQ Calculator - Calculate the financial impact of poor quality on your business.

3. Buying GRC software video – 5 of the main barriers to getting buy-in for your governance, risk and compliance management solution. 

4. Calculate the total cost of ownership – Spreadsheet to help you compare the cost of using manual processes versus an automation tool. 

5. Datasheets – Understand the technical features and how they benefit your wider business.

6. Stakeholder Engagement Worksheet - Step-by-step guide to achieving internal project buy-in. 

7. Deployment Methods – Technical / integration options.

8. The Case for Document Management Whitepaper – Valuable tool explaining key issues around document management.

9. Site Survey Form – Technical checklist for your IT department to streamline the implementation process.

10. Getting buy-in – Playbook to help you build a strategy that works.

11. EQMS Connect for SharePoint Server Product Guide  Features and benefits of EQMS Connect.

 12. Vendor Scorecard Tool - New tool for comparing software vendors!

13. Buy vs Build Business Case Template – Editable Word document analysing the different methods of implementing a QMS.

14. Change Management Presentation Template - Step- by-step guide to winning hearts and minds.