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EQMS Risk Manager is a sophisticated enterprise risk management software solution for companies who require complete control over identifying, addressing, prioritising and monitoring risk opportunities and threats. 


The software is used in a number of industries - healthcare, construction project risk, manufacturing and outsourcing companies to manage all types of risks, including strategic risks, compliance risks and operational risks. 


EQMS Risk Manager provides all levels of the business with a framework to manage risks in a closed-loop process. 



Here are a few of the key benefits of EQMS Risk Management Software: 


  • Sophisticated Framework – EQMS Risk Manager enables you to employ ISO 31000, COSO, SOX, Basel, AS/NZS 4360 or your own unique risk control framework to identify, quantify and prioritise risks.
  • Risk-Based Approach  – The revised ISO 9001 standard requires risk to be managed from the top of the organisation. EQMS Risk Manager ensures risks are explicit, never ignored and always dealt with appropriately. 
  • Improve Performance - Real-time availability of qualitative and quantitative risk data makes it easy to analyse information. This improves decision-making and performance throughout the organisation.
  • Drive Governance and Compliance – EQMS Risk Manager integrates with other governance and compliance software solutions. If you need to manage incident or audit risk, it can all be managed from one interface, this also makes it easier to identify risks across different functions. For example, EQMS Risk Manager can integrate with your complaints, equipment management or supplier management. If there are issues, they can be escalated and managed through the EQMS workflow. 



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