GxP FAQs answered: Siôn Wyn interview

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Worried about the costs of validating computerised systems?

What common validation mistakes are auditors spotting which you should avoid?

How can you create a culture of validation best practice? 

What you get when you download the videos: 

  1. How is pharmaceutical regulation changing?
  2. CSV in 2020
  3. Avoiding common GxP mistakes
  4. How is quality management changing?
  5. Can life science businesses get by on paper?
  6. Why do pharma businesses still use paper?
  7. How should businesses implement quality systems?
  8. What does a good quality software provider look like?

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About Siôn Wyn

Sion Wyn assisted the FDA as a consultant with its re-examination of 21 CFR Part 11,  is a key member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and has experience providing computerised system validation consultancy services for the drug, device and clinical sector. 


" A shift is happening, and it needs to accelerate."

- Siôn Wyn


Siôn Wyn