ISO 19011:2018: QMS auditing skills, techniques and inspection readiness


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Too many organisations perceive audits as a box-ticking exercise.

But with changes to ISO 19011:2018, external pressures and a fundamental business need, you cannot afford to overlook such a crucial opportunity.

As an auditor, you are the conscience of the organisation. You need to deal with shades of grey, navigate complex company cultures and office politics. And you need to demonstrate value through improvement initiatives.

This isn’t easy. 

Even experienced auditors struggle to identify new risks and opportunities, challenge leadership and enforce the changes required.

So where can you get inspiration, techniques and advice to advance your auditing skills?






Richard Green, Kingsford Consultancy Services 

ISO 19011:2018: The good, the bad and the downright ugly 

James Pink, NSF 

Inspection readiness

Kate Armitage, Qualsys

How to audit leadership

Chris Owen, Qualsys  

Audits, inspections and reporting 

Kate Krachai, Instead Consulting

Supplier and supply chain auditing

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