Download our toolkit to access a number of resources about ISO 27001:2013. This toolkit includes: 

  • An introduction to ISO 27001:2013  Learn how ISO 27001 helps you to manage your information security, and what implementing an ISMS actually entails.

  • ISO 27001:2013 Gap Analysis Checklist - Use this free questionnaire to assess the health of your ISMS. Get a free ISO 27001 assessment report at the end. 
  • Why is information security important? – Read about how information is vital to your reputation, brand and your business's continuity. 
  • Essential documentation for ISO 27001 certification –Understand what documentation you must provide to pass your ISO 27001 audits.
  • Context of the organisation  Clause 4 of the standard is all about determining your "context". But what does it mean?
  • Using ISMS for ISO 27001:2013 – How our software can support you in your ISO 27001 certification. 

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